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Title: Thank you for this website
Post by: Rob Smith on January 13, 2005, 03:20:36 PM

Not sure who I'm addressing but whoever you are - thank you for this website. My first Superman comic was #286 ("The Parasite's Power Play") written by ESM himself, which tells you I'm no spring-chicken.

Yes, most of my childhood was spent reading Superman by ESM and Cary Bates, Batman by David V. Reed and Ernie Chua, JLA by Bates and Maggin (anyone else remember "I Have No Wings And I Must Fly" like it was written yesterday), Flash by Bates and Novick and all the rest.

I suppose I can't really complain that comics have evolved over the years; change is a part of life, after all, and there's some pretty amazing stuff out there to read.

But darn! Until this site reminded me, I'd quite simply forgotten how great the characters and stories were in 'my' era!

Trawling your site is quite simply the single biggest rush I've had in years.

Thank you. Sincerely.


(P.S. Don't suppose there's a movement to promote the launch of a 'Bronze Age' comis line in DC, is there? :)