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Title: A Very Nice Site
Post by: Daybreaker on January 25, 2005, 04:15:57 AM
The sheer amount of material here is very impressive.  I'm a long-time Superman fan (by some standards anyway -- at 30 years old I'm a newcomer compared to some people), and I've managed to learn a number of new things about my favorite fictional character of all time from this website.  Very good work.

I note a lack of many post-Crisis stories.  Is this by design, preference or are there more copyright issues with more recent material?  I imagine there's less perceived need for anything after Byrne's revamp, since that continuity is still referred to in the current comicbooks (sort of and for the moment) and can be inferred elsewhere.  Also, older stories tended to have fewer pages -- single-issue stories after Byrne's revamp were the exception, not the rule.  So putting anything up with a sense of completeness would be pretty difficult.

Even so, there were a few early story-arcs from early post-Crisis continuity that I really remember fondly.  The story where Superman meets the Legion, the Matrix Supergirl and the Phantom Zone Villains in the Pocket Universe is one that seemed very important, even though so many people disagree with its conclusion.  And the one where Superman goes to Apokolips, meets Amazing Grace and sparks a Hunger Dog revolution, that one has definitely stuck in my mind.  And his self-exile into space, meeting the Cleric and Mongul and fighting on Warworld -- I really liked that one.

I think my all-time favorite Superman story, though, is Action Comics #554.  At least, I think that's the number.  It's an imaginary story where aliens invade Earth and two boys named Jerry and Joe start scribbling up a hero with a cape.  If you ever had a chance to show that one, I'd love it.