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Title: The Return of Rokyn
Post by: dto on May 22, 2005, 12:29:14 PM
I haven't paid too much attention to the latest incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but these two preview pages of Issue #6 were listed on the DC Message Boards:

(Cosmic Boy and Star Boy are having an audience with Princess Projectra.  At least she's not a snake anymore.)   :wink:

Note the reference to Rokyn.  I don't think that name has been mentioned since the Crisis, when Superman returned Kara Zor-El's body back to her parents.  As some of you may recall, Superman finally enlarged the bottled city of Kandor on this planet, but bacause Rokyn alternated between dimensions visitors could only stay for short periods or be marooned until the next shift.

After the Byrne reboot, there were no Kryptonians on Kandor, and the city was never enlarged.  But apparently a rebooted Rokyn now exists in the Legion's time, though it's probably far different than its pre-Crisis namesake.

Title: Re: The Return of Rokyn
Post by: The Rokyn on June 27, 2005, 01:53:37 PM
hey, i thought this was especially awesome because i already knew all this and thats my name. The Rokyn

   lol, c-ya,

                          :s: The Rokyn :s:

Title: Re: The Return of Rokyn
Post by: Klar Ken T5477 on June 27, 2005, 11:10:40 PM
All news to me...see what happens when you dont keep up. :wink: