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Title: Metropolis Mailbag
Post by: Coldsam on June 28, 2005, 11:55:16 PM
This is my first post. I starting reading Superman comics during the early 60's, keep up reading all the way up to Action 700/Superman 100 (second series). This summer I moved my Superman comics out of storage and started reading them over again. One thing I love to read are the old letter pages (too bad these will not be reprinted in the Showcase presents). Today I reading Action 271 October 1960, I really enjoyed this letter in the Metropolis Mailbag :
"Dear Editor, Why can't people tell Clark is really SUPERMAN just by the way he looks? Don't tell his glasses hide his face completely. My sister weras glasses and she still looks just as ugly.  
David Chisholm, Houston, Tex.
(You'd better hide your sister's glasses immediately. before she gets a chance to read your letter here. - Ed.)
I remembering reading that Real Facts Comics was the first comic with a letters page. When did Action & Superman Comics start letter pages. I would love to see some of those first printed letters. I would also love to see how readers responded to issues that have come to be regarded as classics , i.e. Key to Fort Superman, first Brainac story, Supergirl comes to earth Ect.

Title: Re: Metropolis Mailbag
Post by: Osgood Peabody on June 29, 2005, 09:06:49 AM
Coldsam, I believe the first Metropolis Mailbags can be found in Superman #124 (Sept. 1958) and Action #245 (Oct. 1958).  Columns started in Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, and Superboy around this time as well.

I posted the first Superman LC over on the Silver Age thread which you can find here:

Title: Re: Metropolis Mailbag
Post by: Genis Vell on June 30, 2005, 02:56:37 AM
I'd like to see again the mail pages on DC comic books. So, I could write to Superman comics every month!

I remember a couple of funny mails...

One is in AC #340, my oldest issue: a guy asks the editors to draw a long haired Superman because several boys used to have that hayrstile in the '60s! In 1993 DC made him glad, I'm sure of.

Most recently, after the Our worlds at war saga, a reader from Topeka talked about the end of... His city, appeared during the saga. Heh.