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Title: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: Genis Vell on September 12, 2005, 09:36:59 AM
Already posted in the JB Forum.


"Who took out the super from the Superman?"

"Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?"

"The night of march, 31th" (An april fool from the Silver Age of comics!)

"The amazing story of Superman Red and Superman Blue!"

"The girl in Superman's past!"

"The dying days of Lois and Lana!" (Lois and Lana are about to die 'cause the same virus which killed the Kents).

"The world's finest" (now I don't remember the original title... It's the first
Superman/Batman team up).

The "mutant Superman" saga (Supergirl tells Superman that he is a mutant, not an alien, so he'll act like a normal man).

The Euphor saga (a guy named Euphor controls the citizens of Metropolis making them happy erasing their grief with his powers; Superman defeats him using his greatest grief: the end of Krypton).

"Let my people grow!" (Maybe the title is wrong... It's the story where Kandor is turned into a big city again).


THE MAN OF STEEL #1 (need we say more?)

"Death of a legend!" (first issue after SUPERMAN #75).

"For tomorrow" (I think that in the U.S. it's not so popular among old readers... But I love it!)

"A name game!" (First Mxyzptlk)

"The super menace of Metropolis" (Superpowers unleashed by Lex Luthor)

"Lost love" (Once again, Lori Lemaris: 'nuff said!)

"The private life of Clark Kent" (first issue after the Y2K saga).

The Supergirl saga

"The secret revealded!" (Best Lana ever. I love her. Thank you John).

"Crisis at hand" (Superman against domestic violence).

What about your preferences?

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: Gangbuster on September 12, 2005, 01:18:18 PM
I like so many...I'll do this by decade, I guess  8)

30s- "Superman Comes to Earth"- the newspaper origin of Superman.

40s- "Superman Returns to Krypton"

50s- "The Super-Key to Fort Superman"

60s- Superman's greatest decade, so hard to choose. "The World's Greatest Heroine" would probably be my favorite, especially because of the art.

70s- "I Can't Go Home Again"

80s- Superman: The Secret Years

90s- Supreme: The Story of the Year

00s- "It's a Bird..." or "Bizarro Comics"

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: ShinDangaioh on September 12, 2005, 01:42:26 PM
Let My People Grow" was a good story.

I can't recall the one where the Parasite decided to start draining the emotional praise that people gave Superman and the only way Supes beat him was by looking into a photo alblum and seeing Ma and Pa Kent. (He is right.  I do need the emotional support of the people around me, but two who were the most important to me are far out of his reach)

the giant Superboy and the Legoion of Super-Heroes issue(about twice the dimension of an ordinary magazine).  We get to see Lana Lang(Insect Queen) work alongside Superboy and fighting against Mordru.

The Last Days of Lois and Lana was the first two part story I got

The three part story where Supergirl convinced Kal that he was really and Earthman

DC Comics Presents Superman and Supergirl storyline. Kal and Kara against Mongul and the Warworld.  Kal and Kara were TRYING to kill Mongul by causing the War World control to short circuit his brain.

The DC Comics Presenst issue following that little escapade with War World Superman and the Spectre.  The Spectre giving a emotional lesson to Superman

This wasn't Suerman, but related.
 "Presenting the 1982 Compact Model"  The three issue Sstoryline where Supergirl has six one foot tall clones of her made and her ultimate victory over them.

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: MatterEaterLad on September 12, 2005, 02:30:34 PM
Obviously, a tough question...

Superman #38 The Battle of the Atoms (1946)

Superman #129 The Girl in Superman's Past (1959)

Superman #167 The Deadly Duo (1964)

Superman #189 Krypton Lives Again (1966)

Superman #190 The Four Element Enemies (1966)

Superman #423/Action #583 Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow (1986)

Action #285 The World's Greatest Heroine (1962)

Action #321 Superman -- Weakest Man in the World (1965)

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: JulianPerez on September 12, 2005, 09:34:47 PM
Every single Cary Bates or Elliot S! Maggin Superman story counts as a favorite of mine, with very few exceptions. Obviously Maggin's "Who Took the Super out of Superman" is in there, as is any story featuring that colony of bird-riding Vikings that either Bates or Maggin created. As for the other comics, I can only divide them by my favorite TYPE of Superman story:

My favorite "fakeout" story: I forget the name and the issue number, but it was that story where Superman is about to die from a Kryptonian Virus and so with the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes, he performs several titanic tasks before his death. One especially poignant moment was when Superman burned on the Moon something to the effect of "BE EXCELLENT TO ONE ANOTHER, AND EVERY MAN A SUPERMAN." (I think that was from BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, so I might have mixed that up). One particular charming-cum-insane moment was when Sun Boy was persuaded to create a Second Sun right over the polar ice caps so that they would melt. NO, SUN BOY! NOOOOOOOO! BAD IDEA!

Favorite "Weird Transformation" Story: My favorite of the transformation stories was the one where (issue number forgotten for the moment) where Superboy was temporarily transformed into a giant ape by Red Kryptonite and Beppo was changed into a duplicate of Clark Kent.

Favorite "Jimmy Olsen" Story: Wow, this is a tough one. Generally I prefer any "Mr. Action" Jimmy tough-guy story. But I'd have to say any appearance of Diana Savage, who was Jimmy Olsen's own personal little Lex Luthor, especially SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #162, written by Leo Dorfman.

Favorite Lois Lane Story: Here's another one where I forget the issue number. This one is by far my favorite kind of Lois story because it demonstrates her incredible sneakiness, cleverness and overall thinking ability - Lois is best characterized as a devious trickster than as a screaming distraction. This story is the one where Lana Lang steals a potion that gives her superstrength and invulnerability. It looks like the the Lois/Lana rivalry is all over - now Superman's got a girlfriend who is every bit as "super" as he! But Lois pretends to be glad for her new buddy, and Lana - who apparently doesn't know Lois too well at this point - is taken in by her obvious trick. Lois says that "maybe Superman will appreciate Lana if she performs good deeds." So, day in and day out, Lana performs feats like pulling ships to shore, and so forth. Then, when Superman is about to ask Lana to be his wife, Lana refuses to see anyone. Lana comes out, muscular and grotesque. You see, Lois knew that constant exercise would give Lana muscles, and so she tricked Lana into performing her feats. I always found this story cute and embarassingly chauvanistic, and also rather baffling, being the sort of guy that finds muscular girls sexy.

Favorite "Fighting in Space" Story: "Earth's Sister Planet," ACTION COMICS #576 (1985), by William Wolfolk, and with art by the brilliant Kurt Schaffenberger, one of the better Superman artists in my view, who is less remembered only because he lives in the shadow of that genius giant, Curt Swan. This one is by the most Flash Gordon-y of all the Superman stories, with Superman racing to intercept a planet hurtling on a collision course with earth, only to discover that it is inhabited by a race of dinosaurs that evolved, who doubt any warm blooded life exists. It features Superman getting out of a high-gravity deathtrap about to be fed to giant ugly purple beak mastodons {"SUMMON the HYVULTS! It should be their FEEDING time! Heh HEH heh..."), Superman fighting a horde of flying intelligent Pterodactyl men, and a planet converted into a spaceship that acquires its heat by geothermal This was old school comic book cool at its very finest.

Favorite "Villain" Story: The first appearance of the Legion of Super-Villains. Many of the worst Superman writers chafe at Superman's power level for the simple reason that they think of stories for other characters and insert Superman in them, instead of the other way around. Lazy writers who don't get the point of Superman (*COUGH* Dennis O'Neil *COUGH*) always try to create drama for Superman by limiting his powers; this can be compared to someone turning off Kung Fu in the Matrix. Not Jerry Siegel. He invested the time in creating challenges and dilemmas for Superman to solve, and the most satisfying Super-Solutions are achieved by mental action, detective work, and clever thinking on Superman’s part instead of an overwhelming application of power. The Super-Villains are never as competent as they are in their debut: Lightning Lord threatens to use his electric powers on a bus unless Superman retreats, and Saturn Queen traps Superman using an illusion of a monster to lead him into a Kryptonite Trap. Throw in a TANTALIZINGLY brief appearance by the adult Legion (a promise that the later "adult Legion" story by cute little 14 year old moppet Jim Shooter kept years later), and the presence of Luthor. raging with all the fist shaking he can muster, shouting "BAH!" at the moment of his defeat, and you have a Superman story that really has everything. It even has Superman defeating his enemies in a clever but plausible explanation that like all great solutions, makes one clock one's head against the wall and say, "hey, why didn't *I* think of that?"

Favorite Lex Luthor Story: “The Man Who Stole the Sun!” SUPERMAN #48 (1947). Special thanks to this wonderful website for bringing this story to my attention; I was totally blown away when I read it. It can be hard to imagine how a chubby bald Jewish man with no powers in machine shop clothes can be the rival and archnemesis of the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. “The Man Who Stole the Sun!” answers that question, and does it ever! Never before was Luthor ever at his most megalomaniacal: suddenly and dramatically, all over the world, the sun disappears from the sky. The world begins to freeze. Raining like arrows are tiny rockets, inside their hatch commands from Lex himself: “I will return the sun...for a PRICE! The PRICE of your LIBERTY!” Never since the opening five minutes of “Infra-Man” has the world faced such titanic peril. Superman, in a grandiose scheme, constructs entire underground cities beneath the earth to hold mankind; suddenly, however, each of the cities is destroyed by a thunderbolt from above! The source is soon apparent when Superman flies high: with letters each several miles tall, is spelled one word: “LUTHOR!” The fact this story was published in black and white is hardly a drawback: Curt Swan’s beautiful art suffered a great deal from the garish color technology that existed at the time, and black and white best shows off his clean, correct inks (like John Totleben, Swan is an artist best seen in black and white).

Favorite Supergirl Story: "Supergirl's Greatest Victory" (reprinted in SUPERMAN FAMILY NO. 167, 1974) by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney. This one had Supergirl believe she acquired Kryptonite immunity, however, the reality of it is, that Superman's Metal Eater in his Kryptonite zoo was in fact, a MOTHER (surprise!) and her baby had escaped, which made her very, very sad and mopey. The tiny cute little baby Metal Eater was living inside the lump of Kryptonite Supergirl used to acquire immunity, eating its' favorite food little by little every day, which was why Supergirl believed she had acquired an "immunity." Combine this with wonderful little details like the supercousins using their X-Ray Vision to change gold into lead ("It's WORKING! Our X-Ray Eyes are acting as ATOMIC RAYS!") and even neater vistas of the Fortress of Solitude including a flower kept in a cube of darkness that is destroyed by light, and what do you get? Pure gold, that's what!

I would also like to add that I am personally a big fan of any story where the following oath appears:

    "Dog Star! Dog Star! Bow wow wow!
    We'll fight evil now now NOW!"

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: Gangbuster on September 14, 2005, 01:24:08 PM
Yipe! I forgot about two of my very favorite, which are not on this website (which I skimmed over to make my list.)

There are, of course, the Moore stories like "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" But there exists my favorite Bizarro story, "The Bizarro Who Goofed up History." It only could have been funnier if it were called "The Bizarro who F***ed up History," because that's apparently a funny word nowadays.  :)

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: NotSuper on September 14, 2005, 09:45:23 PM
Miracle Monday
Last Son of Krypton
Luthor's Gift
Kingdom Come
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Superman Annual #11: "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Superman For All Seasons
Superman #247: "Must There Be a Superman?"
Superman #292: "The Luthor Nobody Knows!"

There are many more.

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: shazamtd on September 15, 2005, 11:28:11 AM
Not all my favorite Superman stories are in the comics so I'll list mine by medium.  


"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"
"Who Took the Super Out of Superman?"
"Must There Be a Superman?"
"The Death of Superman" - Superman #149 (1961)
"For the Man Who Has Everything"


"Last Son of Krypton"
"Miracle Monday"  
"Kingdom Come" prose adaptation by Elliot S. Maggin
"The Adventures of Superman"  (1942)


"Superman vs. Atom Man"
"Superman vs. Kryptonite"
"Batman's Great Mystery"
"Counterfeit Money"
"The Mystery of the Stolen Costume"
"The Secret Rocket"

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: edvader on September 23, 2005, 10:07:15 AM
Death of Superman-by Siegel! and Swan!What else could I say!Story of Superman Red and Superman Blue-same era! :shock:  :lol:

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: Supergrl5013 on September 24, 2005, 12:49:26 PM
i really liked the New Adventures of Superman novel.. with Superman versus Medusa on  the cover...really great stories in there... i don'tt know which issue it was..but i think it was made in 1993 or some around that time or beyond

Title: Re: Favorite Superman stories
Post by: Defender on September 24, 2005, 11:22:02 PM
The Further Adventures of Superman was a really cool anthology. It's got a cherished place on my shelf.

 My favorite Superman story of all time? I guess it'd have to be the first I ever read; SUPERMAN: FROM KRYPTON TO METROPOLIS from fisher-price. It was a read-along book that detailed the Silver Age Superman's origins, from his birth through Superboyhood to a battle with Lex Luthor for the fate of Metropolis. It opened with something from Wagner's The Planets. . .to this day I'd know that piece, it's engraved on my DNA but I can't recall the title. The book helped teach me to read, along with BATMAN AND ROBIN: THE CASE OF THE LAUGHING SPHINX and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE LUNAR INVADERS. So many fond memories of wearing those tapes thin, listening to the voices of my heroes and learning how the words above the comicbook art had meaning. . .it was awesome.

 Contemporary times, I'd have to say my favorite stories are Elseworlds tales; Superman & Batman Generations, Superman: Red Son, Superman: Secret Identity. I also enjoyed It's A Bird by Steven T. Seagle. Superman At Earth's End is a guilty pleasure. Say what you will about Byrne, but I still enjoyed The Man Of Steel as a retelling of the Superman mythos. Birthright, of course, and JLA: The Nail, for a discussion of just how the DC Universe might've turned out if Superman hadn't been raised by the Kents. And while not directly dealing with Clark himself, The Kents is required reading for anyone who wants more depth into the psyche of the family that raised Kal-El right and true. It's set in the post-Crisis continuity, but its enjoyable stuff nonetheless.