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Title: NEW Frank Quitely Interview
Post by: Super Monkey on October 05, 2005, 10:51:01 PM
Frank Quitely doesn't do a lot of  interviews, so here is a rare chance to read what he has to say, as a result they speak on a lot of things.

Here are a few of the parts on Superman, there is more in the full interview linked below:

With All-Star Superman, Quitely’s been given a lot more lead time, a six month head-start preceding issue #1, with concept discussions going back even further.  “Grant’s been wanting to write Superman for ages.  And I’ve been wanting to erase Superman for ages,” he jokes.  “I’ve only seen the first two scripts, and he’s told me about what’s coming up.  The 12 issues that Grant’s writing, they’re everything that Grant wanted to do with Superman.
“More important to me was that this was something Grant was doing.  In a way, Superman’s a way for me to work with Grant again.”  It is perhaps their most ambitious collaboration to date.  In saving a group of solar astronauts, Superman’s cells have absorbed more than they can, and he’s dying.  Luthor has architected his grandest scheme; the interpretation of Lois’ complexities promise to be a pleasant, fitting surprise.  
It’s the 12 Labors of Superman at the end of his time.  Morrison’s noted that Superman has been around longer than many currently alive; through that regard, the icon is, in a way, more real than we are.  Morrison and Quitely intend their story to hold prominent validity for as long as Superman will be around.
“We worked on a lot of layouts together, and Grant always lets me continue at a stage where I kinda knew what it was he wanted, but it certainly wouldn’t work the way we figured in our conversation.  
“Almost all the time, I have a clear picture in my head of what I want, but with the limitations of my own abilities and the time I have to do it, it really often ends up not being what I wanted.  Sometimes, though, I may be imagining something, and I’m not convinced it’s gonna work, but when I try it, it ends up working and I’m really happy with the result.  
“Thinking it’s not gonna work and then actually making it work, that ends up being the satisfaction of the thing.  When you actually get something to work in that manner, on occasion it can be kind of –” he sticks out his hand and yaws it back and forth.  “But sometimes it can be almost better than you were imagining.  That’s just the normalcy of drawing something really organically.”
He gives a jester’s smile.  “Grant describes things with great enthusiasm, and it really gets me caught up in it.  It was really easy to say that this was gonna be something that nobody’s ever seen before, but obviously, that’s not really possible,” he ribs; a reaction to Morrison’s comment; that, and a dash of modesty.  The feeling is though, that once All-Star Superman hits, we’ll most likely find that Quitely was understating, and that quite frankly, he’ll have succeeded in tricking us yet again.

Full interview with pics: