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Title: "The K-Metal from KRYPTON!"
Post by: Great Rao on November 25, 2005, 07:28:04 PM
At long last!

The story you've waited sixty-five years to read!

Superman Through the Ages! proudly presents:

"The K-Metal from Krypton!"

"The K-Metal From Krypton!" was written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Joe Shuster and his studio back in 1940.

For various reasons that we can only speculate about, the story was never published.  Most of Shuster's completed pages have been lost, with only a handful known to be in existence.

It is now also the latest "project" here at Superman Through the Ages!.  Fan gallery contributor Angel Criado is illustrating the missing pages, and Bob Rivard, from Big Bang Comics (, is doing the inking and coloring.

This is a work in progress and we will be releasing new pages as we complete them.

Long time visitors to this site may remember that our last "project," the Special Edition of "Who Took the Super Out Of Superman?" took us a few years to complete.

We expect this one to take much less time.  In fact, most of the pages to "K-Metal" are already in various stages of near-completion.  We're aiming to have the whole thing done within a couple of months, most likely sooner.  Given that people have already had to wait 65 years for this one, I hope that an extra month or two is not going to be too much to ask.

Now live on the site are:

first few pages (;

A spoiler-laden article explaining some of the historical significance of the story ( (if you don't want the story spoiled, don't read this one);

and another article explaining how this story was 65 years in the making ( and outlining the creative process involved (spoiler-safe).[/list]All of this and more is accessible via the main K-Metal page (

( (


Title: Re: "The K-Metal from KRYPTON!"
Post by: TELLE on November 25, 2005, 11:29:22 PM
I have it all figured it out from the splash page: Superman's greatest challenge is falling rocks! :D

I read about this story in Men of Tommorrow.  Fun to see this poignant tale (as described by Gerard Jones) given garish life in a new century.