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Title: Jerry Robinson Interview
Post by: TELLE on December 27, 2005, 05:47:13 PM
One of the things I picked up over the holidays was the Comics Journal #271, featuring a hideous green and purple cover incorporating Joker art by original Batman artist Jerry Robinson.

I've just finished the massive Robinson interview (part 2 is in issue 272) and it yielded several interesting tidbits of DC lore that touch on the Superman comics.

Besides the usual history of Batman and details of the Kane "studio" you'd expect (well-documented in other Robinson interviews, his own writing, and most recently in Men of Tomorrow), Robinson provides brief verbal sketches of the DC "bullpen", including descriptions of the arrangements of desks and drawing tables --the editors and artists all worked in the same room at one point.  Robinson also talks about his working relationship with several editors (Weisinger gets off easy) and artists, including Fred Ray, Superman cover artist.  Ray and Robinson collaborated on World's Finest covers, etc.  

Robinson also talks about palling around with Joe Shuster, trying to hook him up with the "tall women" Shuster fetishized.  Shuster and Robinson also took night classes in philosophy with communist professor Howard Selsam.

Very interesting stuff.

Anyway, it's a great interview and I highly recommend it.  There is great full-color art, including a few gorgeous Mort Meskin pages.

The issue also has a very nice appreciation of Shelly Mayer by essayist Donal Phelps.  Phelps is one of the best writers on comics ever and what he lacks in in-depth knowledge of Scribbly, etc. he more than makes up for with insight and descriptive language.   Thoughts on Ma Hunkel/Red Tornado, old-time radio, 1930s film and actors, the relation of Scribbly and Sugar and Spike to the wider genres of kids comics, etc.  Great color art there as well.

I know most folks usually avoid the Journal unless there is a great feature like this so I thought I'd pass along a recommendation.  The issue also has a huge reprint section of Thimble Theatre, etc.