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Title: Superfeats done properly
Post by: Permanus on February 12, 2006, 06:53:19 AM
Julian just posted how he missed Superman's super-intelligence, which got me thinking about the inventive way in which Superman used to use his powers -- I thought of the time he fused the sand on a beach into a glass wall to stop a tidal wave, and I vaguely remember an old issue of Action Comics in which a Superboy robot uses a lamppost and telephone cable as a needle and thread to sew shut a crack caused by an earthquake. Often, too, he would use his powers in a way that required a scientific explanation that often eluded me.

Does anybody else have examples of such creative use of superpowers, or for that matter, can you think up interesting and novel ways and situations in which Superman could use his powers? How would he have coped with the flooding of New Orleans, or last year's tsunami? How might he stop a war?