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Title: Busiek's Secret Identity
Post by: TELLE on February 12, 2006, 09:36:37 AM
A very long, thorough review by Tom Spurgeon.  Spurgeon is an old-school comics fan who usually covers new graphic novels and "alt" comics, so it's nice to see him devote a huge review to a mainstream superhero book.  Most of his reviews are quite short (most comics deserve very little) but Busiek and Immonen get the full treatment.

Some great turns of phrase:

Somewhere back in the magnificently absurd DC cosmology there was a planet/universe/dimension that was just like ours except that it was connected by one of those cosmic waterslide-style chutes to the world where Superman and the rest fly around, punch people in the nose and think in expository sentences. Alternate Universe stories might be out of favor as a source from which to launch a superhero series, but Secret Identity works within the framework of current DC publishing strategy as a kind of one-off project, a "special event" aimed at older fans that won't balk at a slightly higher price point. In the obsessive tackle box of universes that is the DC version of reality, there are stories, there are imaginary stories, and there are rare pieces of stand-alone fiction. Secret Identity is one from the rare category.