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Title: Frank Miller 2
Post by: Doug Barr on March 28, 2006, 02:01:55 PM
Just wanted to say a little more about Mr Miller, cause the first post , even though Miller is in the 'Subject', It was about other things as much as it was him.
  Firstly, I feel a sort of kinship with him: He too was born in 1957, which isnt a special year or anything, but if you had been born in that year you were ABSOLUTELY the right age for the silver age of comics.
  Now, like many kids of my generation, & all generations, I tried to grow out of comics in High-school. I felt I couldnt get anywhere with chicks with an issue of Spiderman hanging out my back-pocket, if you know what I mean. In those days that was true, But I think in the 1980s comics became sort of cool.
   By the Mid 1980s,The city of Berkeley had a number of the best comics shops in the country , & I would stop by every now & then & notice that Comics were maybe not as un-hip as they once were, but they certainly WERE far less good, the talent had left (Kirby & Ditko). But, just by chance, I bought a magazine ABOUT comics (maybe I could learn something) This magazine was 'The Daredevil Chronicles', & it included an amazing interview with 2 guys (Frank Miller & Klause Jansen). This interview was fantastic! I decided I needed to read some material by this guy.     I was blown away.   He understood comics the same way Bob Dylan had understood folk music. If you had grown up in that time, & comics were as important to you as MTV is to kids today, I really think youd understand. He was someone that comics really needed.    He re-kindled my interest, he may have made it bigger than it had been.
    I wish I could thank him. In this day, when there are no Beatles, when so much of what I loved is gone, he is here to prove that my passion for art didnt die.(Not to mention that his Artwork is maybe the finest a comic has ever included, & I know many will disagree, but my mind cant be changed about that)
  Anyway, Thank you Frank