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Title: Favorite stories
Post by: Doug Barr on May 03, 2006, 12:17:51 PM
Would anyone care to offer up their ideas for favorite stories, & why so? I dont really have a favorite issue, but I thought the concept of Kandor was brilliant. The fact that he could just keep it in the fortress of solitude & go there whenever he needs was comic book gold. Remember the one where one of the Kandorians convinces the others that Superman keeps them in the bottle cause hes jealous, that he could free them if he wanted?
I also love the 1st newspaper strip, which gives the 1st in-depth telling of the destruction of Krypton, & Jor-EL & Lara sendind their "only son" here to earth, it is almost biblicall.
 'Kingdom-Come', I have just now discovered this book, have so far only scanned through it (sometimes I hesitate before reading what I know is going to be a classic because I like to prolong the anticipation, I dont want to be through with it yet)

DK2 - I think Miller was influenced by 'Kingdom come' to a degree. Some people don't enjoy it at all. I really like it, the artwork in particular. "kingdom comes" art reminds me slightly of Bill Sienkiewicz (electra assassin) only it is more realism, less expressionistic. Millers artwork has grown over the years, he uses pen & ink like Welles or Kurosawa use camera & actors. If you can find an old magazine called "the daredevil chronicles" (& I believe it is being reprinted) it has an interview with Miller & Klaus Jansen that is indespensible, 2 guys who were, at the time, still learning & refining their art, going into detail about what they are discovering. neither had done a graphic novel yet, but they discuss the possibilities.I think many of todays best comics - guys (girls) read that back when it came out & were really influenced.
 But back to DK2, it has Kandor, Luthor controlls both Superman & Brainiac, (& isnt this the ultimate fear?) & Supermans old 'Worlds Finest' partner comes to his aid (once he figgures Superman is doing the governments/Luthors bidding only because Luthor has Kandor) comes to his aid using His daughter (only after she threatens to kick his ass half way across the planet for talking to her Dad disrespectfully). It has been called a JLA story rather than a Batman, but it is really a 'Teen Titans' with Lara, Carrie Kellie, Hawkmans kids, Green Lantern had a kid, & that Saturn Girl, she says shes not the real Saturn girl, that the real one hasnt been born yet, though I think she is, but that she doesnt know she is- AND the original teen titan has been turned into the new Joker by Luthor & the government. Batman kills him (with Supermans help) & Hawkman jr kills Luthor (with Batmans help). I Love it!(Reading it in the one volume format is much better than the 3 seprate issues, it is a handsomely put together volume, with extra artwork & a introduction by miller, an intro that is actually part of the story)
Also- it does something that should have been done long ago, it turns Wonder-Woman from "Wholesome" into "Sexy":  downright HOTT!

Title: Re: Favorite stories
Post by: Gangbuster on May 05, 2006, 04:43:10 PM
Like I've said before, I grew up in the "post-Crisis" period, and probably never even heard of Crisis until sometime after 2000. It's a lot easier to just ignore stories that were written before you were born...but while I was working doing tech support, and had a lot of free time on my hands, a friend got me a copy of "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" That did it for me...I felt a sense of loss after reading that story, and started reading and studying Superman's back catalog.

Some of my favorite stories are:

1. "Superman's Return to Krypton"- the 1960 one, with Lyla Ler-Rol

2. "The Bizarro who Goofed up History"- It's just funny to me, written by Jerry Siegel. It's included in the "Tales of the Bizarro World" TPB.

3. "The Underground World"- my favorite Fleischer cartoon

4. All the Alan Moore stories- "The Jungle Line," "For the Man Who Has Everything," "Supreme," etc.

5 Superman novels, especially Miracle Monday

6. Action Comics #1- (the Evelyn Curry story)

7. "The World's Greatest Heroine"- story where Supergirl is introduced to the world

8. "The Last Days of Superman"

9. "I Can't Go Home Again!"

10. Superman #400. I got it the first time I went to a comics shop..about a year ago. It's really, really good.

Title: Re: Favorite stories
Post by: Russell on June 03, 2006, 08:29:56 PM
I've got a list of my favorite stories somewhere, I'll try to dig it up soon. :)

Title: Re: Favorite stories
Post by: ShinDangaioh on June 05, 2006, 06:33:41 PM
The Supergirl story where Kara has to deal with the Ambush Bug

A story where the Parasite was siphoning off the praise of the world and the way Superman beat him was he looked through an old photo alblum and saw a picture of his parents.  "The ones who helped me the most are beyond his reach."

Action 500 aka The Superman Story

Title: Re: Favorite stories
Post by: dmat on June 06, 2006, 08:24:43 PM
Superman #164 from the 1960s is the first issue that always comes to mind.  A powerless Superman vs. Lex Luthor on an alien world, no holds barred.  Supes even gets a black eye.  Great fun!