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Title: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: llozymandias on May 14, 2006, 05:21:18 PM
I imagine there being several "DC" Multiverses.  Here are some of them:

       1.)  Pre-Crisis Multiverse;  Crisis never happened here.  Freedom fighters native to Earth-X.  Brainiac still a green "skinned" android/super-computer.  Supergirl & Barry Allen/Flash still alive.  This multiverse was last seen in our comics in the late 70s to early 80s.

       2.)  Crisis Multiverse;  Crisis happened here.  1,000-3,000 universes destroyed by AntiMonitor, only a tiny fraction of this multiverse as a whole.  Freedom Fighters, Earth-2 natives who migrated to Earth-X.  Kal-L & Lois Lane of Earth-2 still alive on earth-2.  Superboy of Earth-Prime still sane and free.  Alex luthor jr. still sane & alive.  This multiverse was first seen in the late 70s or early 80s.  It was last seen in issue #10 of COIE.

       3.)  Post-Crisis Multiverse; The DCU introduced in Issue #11 of COIE.  Last seen shortly before Superman was rebooted.

       4.)  Reboot Multiverse; first seen in Man of Steel mini-series.  Last seen in Zero Hour.

        5.)  Post-Zero-Hour Multiverse; First seen in Zero Hour.  Last seen in Infinite Crisis.

        6.)  Current DC Multiverse; first seen in Infinite crisis.  I imagine each time DC "alters" its Multiverse that what really happens is that the writers "shift focus" from one DC Multiverse to another.

        7.)  Crossover Multiverse;  DC/Marvel crossovers from late 70s & early 80s.  Marvel-Earth = Earth-1.  Timely/Atlas = Earth-2.  On Earth-1  Kal-El/clark Kent/Superman started his career as an 8 year old Superboy in 1934 or 36.  Superboy was in the Liberty legion.  On Earth-2  the All-Star Squadron's roster included the timely characters.


         Theoretically on real parallel earths in our theoretically real multiverse counterparts to "our" DC could be using a different DC MUltiverse than "our" DC is.  Sure this contradicts what DC says, but DC seems to contradict itself half the time anyway.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: TELLE on May 16, 2006, 10:48:12 PM
A no-prize for anyone who can combine these universes into one omniverse.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: llozymandias on May 17, 2006, 06:33:00 PM
TELLE, you are aware that i'm talking about entire multiverses., right? :wink:   The concept of the Omniverse is that it (omniverse) contains all multiverses.  Basically the omniverse is composed of a seemingly infinite number of multiverses plus whatever else exists.  An infinitesmal fraction of the omniverse could consist of trillions of multiverses.  I can imagine a few possible DC Multiverses that have never appeared in titles published by "our" DC.  I imagine that they are being used by DC's counterparts elsewhere in ouir multiverse.  Here are some (sorry couldn't think of any names for them):

       1.)  Captain Marvel & the other Fawcett characters live on Earth-1.  Later in All-Star Squadron we see Captain Thunder.  Captain Marvel's Earth-2 counterpart.  The DC that uses this multiverse managed to buy all of Fawcett'S characters rather than just license some of them.  Also Kirby's "fourth world" stuff is never brought to DC.  It's part of the Marvel universe instead.

        2.)  Doc Savage & the other Street & Smith pulp characters live on Earth-1.  Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman started his career as an 8 year old Superboy circa 1916.  Here DC buys Street & Smith's Comics & pulp properties.  You know old Mort would have put Doc & Kal on the same earth.  And that he would have made sure Kal started his career first.

         3.)  On Earth-1 Superman was never Superboy.  Superboy is his Earth-2 counterpart.  Originally Superboy seemed to take place in the "present".  Meaning the 40s when it was being published, of course.  And it wasn't until the late 40s or sometime in the 50s before any Superman stories recognized Superboy as being part of Superman's past.  Maybe in an alternate DC, they do a story where Superman & Superboy meet.  Maybe Gardner Fox does that story.

Also there are probably entire multiverses for every publisher in comic's history.  Since the omniverse is infinite there far more than enough room for them.  The possibilities are infinite.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: TELLE on May 17, 2006, 10:40:10 PM
Sorry, a no-prize to the first person to combine these multiverses into one omniverse.  Meaning: how are they related, not separate.

Don't disappoint me, llozy. :D

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: ShinDangaioh on May 18, 2006, 12:22:38 PM
Quote from: "TELLE"
Sorry, a no-prize to the first person to combine these multiverses into one omniverse.  Meaning: how are they related, not separate.

Don't disappoint me, llozy. :D

Robert A Heinlein's 'World as Myth' theory.

Every story that has been written is real in some universe or dimension.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: llozymandias on May 18, 2006, 07:57:19 PM
In "Number of the Beast" 666 is turned into 6 to the 6th to the 6th.  According to Heinlein that is the number of universes.  The number that results from that equation makes trillions look insignificant.  "World as Myth" theory sounds like another name for the principle of plenitude.  

        According to current thought there is only one OMNIVERSE.  Even if reality has an infinite number of levels, as log as Omniverse is used to refer to all reality/existance there would still be only one omniverse.  It would just mean that there are more levels between multiverse & omniverse than we can imagine.  Either that or omniverse's definition changes to "collection of multiverses".  And that the next higher level of existance/reality is a seemingly infinite collection of omniverses.  Remember that several trillion multiverses would be less than .0001% of the entire omniverse.  Why can't they be separate?  One way they are related is that they have at some point been used by DC (or one of its counterparts) in their titles.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: ShinDangaioh on May 18, 2006, 08:37:24 PM
I'm going to have to tap into my gaming experience and gaming guides(Dungeons & Dragons, Champions, Boot Hill, etc.)
The book is called Primal Order: Chessboards

It details different distiinctions between planes and how they are connected.

The old pre-Crisis Multiverse would be called a Metaplane(a group of planes/universes that are connected in some way)  Vibrational frequencies

The universes that encompasses the Slayers and Lost Universe anime would be another Metaplane.  The universes are supported on pillars that rise from the Sea of Chaos

The old cartoon Captain N: The Game Master was another meta-plane.  The power glove that pulled Kevin into the game world drew Kevin from outside the metaplane

Primal Order: Chessboards was very comprehensive on detailing other planes of existance and how they connect.  No, it wasn't a map to other universes or the hereafter.  It was more like a book of universal/multiversal theories.

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: TELLE on May 22, 2006, 12:55:12 AM
Awesome, thanks!

What would that number look like written out?

(Obviously, I failed math.)

Title: Re: DC's Multiverses.
Post by: dto on May 22, 2006, 01:57:26 AM
I have a conception of a Multiverse model, somewhat similar to Hypertime and the "snowflake" analogy seen in the "Planetary" series.

Imagine a CD-ROM with an infinite diameter and essentially no thickness.

Instead of the etched spiral, upon this CD-ROM is an ever-branching fractal "snowflake", continuously spreading from a common centerpoint.  Each of the infinite branches symbolize an Alternate Timeline of a particular Parallel Earth, with the "nodes" representing key moments in history where these Alternate Timelines diverge.

Now imagine an infinite stack of these CD-ROMs, each representing one Parallel Earth (and all its possible timelines).  All these CD-ROMs share a common center (the Dawn of Time), and they rotate around this spindle at varying speeds and directions.

These CD-ROMs are organized according to similarity -- that is, DC Earths are all clustered together, and the same goes for Marvel, etc.  But the Anagram and DC/Marvel "Crossover" Earths lie between these two groups.

Since these CD-ROMs are rotating, there are times when two or more nodes on adjacent disks "line up".  At these convergences it is "relatively" easy to "leap" from one Earth to another. (Remember that the annual meeting of the Justice League and Justice Society usually took place when Earth-1/Earth-2 were in closest alignment.)  Trying to "jump" at other times might be more difficult, or could conceivably land you on the intended Earth's ALTERNATE timeline.  

This method is also limited in that one can't travel very "far" between Parallel Earths, which is why DC/Marvel crossovers are rare.  But travelling back to the common center (the Dawn of Time), one could access ALL of the parallel Earths at the beginning of their existence and follow any branching Timeline to the desired destination.  Needless to say, a good  road map is essential.   :wink:

And there's one more way to travel between Parallel Earths.  Imagine each of the CD-ROMs are separated by an infinitely thin layer of "oil" which surges and flows around everything.  Entering this "sea" is extremely dangerous (such as "The Bleed"), but one could navigate to any Parallel Earth and their Alternate Timelines.  

Just my idea...