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Title: "Crisis" by Classic Tragic Hero
Post by: van-zee on May 16, 2006, 11:41:43 AM
What with all the chaos going on in the DCU, I was inspired to write a song for my new album by Infinite Crisis. Here's a link to the song:

and the lyrics:

by Classic Tragic Hero

I'm bobbing around in a void
pretending I'm a helpless little boy
I gave away all my toys
when I thought I was grown-up

I heard a song when I was nine,
something about landslides and changing times
the lives we lead and leave behind
I think I understand

We've gotta act out
while filled with doubt
or we ain't gonna make it

Take a chance
Make a stance
or we'll be left behind
Worlds will live
Worlds will die
with this crisis on our minds
we're caught in a crisis
we can't fix

Everything is happy and sad
Beat down and broken on a lily pad
then green and blue changes to plaid
and you're drunk with indecision

Apathy's infected the soil
hold it in, or it's bound to spoil
our parents fields, majestic, royal
will wither and bear sick fruit

But out of mistakes
we can create
a bold horizon


No time to clown
You've done it before
Laugh all you like
we'll hit the floor

Living large in a World's Fair booth
Plastic trees and surgical youth
You shouldn't keep us from the truth
if you want us to keep at all

If you should stay for a little while
please never throw away the child
or line up in single file
right before recess

Let's bust out of here
grab a few beers
talk about our lives


If you want to hear more, please check out

Hope my fellow geeks like it!