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Title: Fifth AGENT OF ATLAS member announced! SPOILERS!
Post by: JulianPerez on June 20, 2006, 09:45:00 PM
One of the preview pages for the book has a gorilla attacking several other characters in a Chinese city with machine guns, saying "They wanted a rumble...they've GOT one!"

The writer is Jeff Parker, who is a guy with an intimate knowledge of the Marvel Universe and its use - he is, after all, writing X-MEN: FIRST CLASS,  a series set during the early years of the X-Men.

Hey, anything set in the early days of the Marvel Universe...AGENTS OF ATLAS is set in the 1950s, and they're bringing everything in line with Marvel's history, and that's a damned good sign if you ask me. For instance, the 50s Marvel villain, the Yellow Claw, is popping up, as is "Dum Dum" Dugan. Here's an exact quote from him on Marvel Boy:

Quote from: "Jeff Parker"
The reason behind Bob's strange reappearance among the living in "Agents of Atlas" can be found by probing the mysteries of his past. "Rather than also vaporize continuity that doesn't work for our purposes, 'Agents of Atlas' takes into account all of these major points in Marvel Boy's history and treats it as a mystery story,"

The group is the same as the "Secret Avengers" from WHAT IF... "The Avengers had formed in the 1950s" concept (immortalized in Busiek's AVENGERS FOREVER) featuring the Atlas comics characters, the types that Stan Lee and others created AFTER the Golden Age was over, but before the Fantastic Four.

My personal favorite is the Human Robot, who has a device in his chest that keeps him from going crazy and killing people. An early Stan Lee and John Romita creation! And he looks great.

My one concern is that they make this a PLANETARY clone, and PLANETARY is a thoroughly unworthy series to emulate.

Have a look here at who the new member is:

Yeah, you read that right: It's Namora! And this isn't some jumped up writer bringing back his pet character; Bill Everett himself put in that Namora's last appearance had her frozen in a block of ice.

At any rate, with Jeff Parker at the helm, it looks pretty great.