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Title: "Current Status" page
Post by: Great Rao on July 14, 2006, 12:21:16 AM
We recently added a credits and current status ( page to the k-metal reconstruction project.

It serves two purposes - for each page, it gives a breakdown of who did what and, where appropriate, what our source for the original art was; plus it also gives a snapshot into the current status of the reconstruction efforts.  This information will continually be updated.

For the original 1940 artwork, we currently list "Shuster Studio" for many of the contributions - layout, pencils, and original inks - but we hope to have a more accurate breakdown of the individual artists in the near future.


Title: Re: "Current Status" page
Post by: MatterEaterLad on July 14, 2006, 12:26:39 AM
I was looking at the "original artwork" wanted page...

What are the chances that unknown pages might show up?

Title: Re: "Current Status" page
Post by: Great Rao on July 14, 2006, 12:49:47 AM
We've received a few previously unknown pages since we started.  If things continue at the same rate, there's a very good chance that more pages will turn up.

Peter Jones sent in page 20 back when we were still attempting to assemble the story only from the original art.

A very fuzzy page 7 ( was published in Alter Ego - reproduced from an illegible photo, the only copy of the page known to be in existence.  But after we started the reconstruction project, we received two exclusives from Thomas Andrae - a very clear and legible photocopy of page 7, and of the never-before-seen page 12.

There are a lot of people very curious to see the original page 26.  Although the mysterious metal from Krypton is called "K-Metal" in the last page of the script (the only place in the story that it's ever actually named), there is some speculation that it could have been changed in post-production to "Kryptonite."

But I don't buy that - everything we've found to date is word-for-word what's in the script - grammatical errors and all.