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Title: the evolution of Superman and it's technology
Post by: Chelli on May 27, 2003, 11:24:00 AM
With all the sci-fi technogly mumble jumble and and enemies evolving superior to even supermans capabilities found here or in the comics seems now fitting to refit the Superman cult as well.
 transporter technology
 Braniac vs Data
 Warp speed hyper drive slip drive temporal incursions worm   holes            
computers even by todays standards makes Supermans super computer obsolete
tractor beams
 Allies and foes need also need to evolve as well as Supermans own powers to to deal with all the new technology and breeds of villians as well
 Encyclopedia definitions are far toi Archaic
 needs a total overhaul
 Does anyone else agree with my views here or dis agree.