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Title: Batman Creator Anagrams!
Post by: JulianPerez on September 07, 2006, 10:46:28 AM
In a famous DICK SPRANG story, when the editors were making their GRAND PICKS for the greatest Batman artists ever, they left Dick off, causing him to call them all a bunch of "DANG PRICKS."

Known for his love of eating tiny animals, GARDNER FOX would occasionally and savagely AX REND FROG.

During DICK GIORDANO's trip to Wales as a young man, the CAIRN GOOD KID was tempted by his DARK COOING ID to leave on the bluestones ACRID KID GOO.

FRANK ROBBINS was never a high-class guy; someone at an upscale barbecue eatery called him BARF'S BORN KIN, and because he never ate pork, his nickname was "FRANK RIB-SNOB."

MARSHALL ROGERS, though a great penciler, was a pain for most editors to work with. "GRR! MORAL HASSLE." They would say. He couldn't sleep his way to the top, either; often his ORGASM SHALL ERR.

ALAN BRENNERT's company specializing in BANNER RENTAL was a wild success because he knew how to BANTER N' LEARN.

Because of his editor's poor vision and use of hallicinogens, NEAL ADAMS was often referred to as "A darn SEAL," and owing to his passion for quality hummus and hashish, he was frequently found in a SALAAM DEN.

JAMES APARO chanced on the scheme to give farm animals sleepwear, known as PAJAMA ROES. In his later years Aparo had a chummy Hindu manservant that gave him sponge baths, who he frequently commanded to "SOAP ME, RAJA!"