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Title: Wolfman Howls
Post by: TELLE on January 17, 2006, 07:37:02 PM
I normally could care less about the goings on at DC but when I saw this article at Publisher's Weekly today I thought people here might be interested, especially as how it touches on several topics that have been discussed here recently (Atlantis was even discussed in Supermanica):

Wolfman Returns for Another Crisis

PWCW: You've spoken about how company-wide continuity can often restrict creativity. How do find working with continuity in writing for DC Comics now?

MW: I haven't had to worry about that, fortunately. My Infinite Crisis story is built off my original. That allowed me to be somewhat insular. As far as intra-company continuity goes, my view has always been that the best writers at a company are held hostage by the worst. Poor ideas become part of the whole, which hurts everyone. But readers seem to enjoy the overall company concept.

I always thought characters could meet but that each title should be independent from the others. So if there was, for example, an Atlantis in Superman and an Atlantis in Aquaman, they didn't need to be the same Atlantis. That way writers could let their imaginations go for the most incredible concepts without worrying what was done in a 1959 issue of Action Comics or even in last month's Batman. Part of my Crisis was to get rid of all those continuity elements and start all over again. The problem comes as readers get older and they want to have some sort of link between the titles; they ask how could the JLA characters get together while there are different Atlantises. I believe very strongly in continuity within a title—so everything within, say, The New Titans, was consistent. But I didn't feel it needed to be consistent with what was happening in Green Lantern. Still, that's not what most readers like, so I've never written books with that attitude. But if I had my druthers....