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Title: I'm new to this forum
Post by: heriberto on July 04, 2003, 07:40:00 PM
Hi: I'm new to this forum, and since I am not very familiar with the superboy original comic book storyline, I was wondering how accurate is Smallvil le to it. Does characters like Pete, Chloe, young lex Luthor or Lionel Luthor appear on the comic books?

Title: Re: I'm new to this forum
Post by: colindain on July 11, 2003, 02:39:45 AM
Hey Heriberto!!
Though it is a greta TV show, well acted and well produced, Smallville is nothing like the Silver-age Superboy stories.  There was no Chloe or Lionel Luthor in the comics.  Pete Ross was blonde not Black.  Lex was a budding scientist, not a financial wheeler-dealer.   Smallville was a small town, but celebrated as the hometown of Superboy.  It didn't have a reputation for weird goings-on.  And green kryptonite wasn't the secret bogey-man responsible for mutations and all sorts of X-files happenings; it was the one substance which was lethal to Superboy.   In many ways,  however, Smallville is a much more interesting place than in the old comics.  It has racial diversity, a much closer proximity to Metropolis, intrigue in the form of the Lex/Lionel Luthor confrontations, and the aforementioned kryptonite effects.  Oh, one last thing.  Red kryptonite, in the old stories, always had an unpredictable, but temporary, effect on Superboy.  The effect was usually pretty far-fetched.  On Smallville, it has only one effect: it makes Clark evil.