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Title: If i was in place of Editor: My personal Multiverse.
Post by: carmelo on March 17, 2007, 10:36:10 PM
EARTH PRIME  :our Earth. EARTH ZERO  : the Universe of actual DC charapters.EARTH-ONE :is the universe of Silver age charapters.The time in this world is more behind the on Earth prime and Earth Zero.Charapters of E-1 lives in early 60s.In this world the story is also a bit different.Superman have saved the life of JFK in Dallas,and the Vietnam War is not happened. EARTH-TWO :is the universe of Golden age charapters.On Earth-2 are in late 40s. Clark Kent  work for Perry White's Daily Planet from 1940 (Before Clark and Lois were at George Taylor's Daily Star),and Superman's chest logo is changed three or four times from 1938. EARTH-S  : is the Universe of Shazam family,Will Eisner's Spirit,and of DC cartoons  charapters (Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman).The Marvels and Spirit are set in 40s,the others some decades after.