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Title: Something odd about Smallville
Post by: Criadoman on June 24, 2007, 08:55:19 PM
You know, I was just noticing something while reading Rao's articles on Flux Superman and Silver Age Superman.  But I'm noticing some very Silver Age-type things occurring in Smallville that simply didn't occur to me before.  Some examples...
1. Superhero club stuff, (which would have worked much better as Legion of Superheros vs. pre JLA JLA stuff),
2. Of course, Lex and Clark's friendship,
3. Ma and Pa, and Pa dying 1st,
4. Bizarro - created by Luthor,
5. Jor-El's inventions plaquing his son when they're discovered,
...several others actually, if I kept looking.

As terrible as Smallville can be sometimes, the truth is that there is something very endearing about the show (if you can get past the drama of Lana blowing up, Cloe dying, etc.).


Title: Re: Something odd about Smallville
Post by: Superman Forever on June 24, 2007, 11:40:34 PM
I´m Ok with all of this, but not with the evil versions of Krypton, Jor-El and even Kal-El, that are in the series to make Clark Kent feel "human" and not "alien", when the point of the Superman character is that he is an alien, but of a higher moral civilization and yes, have very "human" feelings. They got it all wrong. So yes, there are Silver Age elements in Smallville, but the core concept is an even more radical Iron Age take than of Byrne´s Man of Steel. 

Title: Re: Something odd about Smallville
Post by: Criadoman on June 25, 2007, 09:16:32 AM
See, this is the funny thing I'm talking about.  I've seen all the seasons - and I can see what you're saying - until we get into the later seasons (like late 4-6) when now there's things going on in the show that honest to goodness, I can see tamer versions of appearing in Superboy books.  I mean, even Lana's few changes and such can be loosely compared the the myriad of transformations she's had in the comics (Insect Queen, et al.) - Lois, Perry, Jimmy showing up in the show are the same as having young Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan and co. meet Clark earlier.  Plus, with Supergirl showing up next season - this ought to be interesting.

I'm just saying here more recently, it is funny how much more and more often the show is moving toward Weisinger era concepts and away from Iron Age concepts, albeit with that violent slant.

You know who I could have seen on the show - Lori Lermanis.  Boy - that could have been some real fun.

Title: Re: Something odd about Smallville
Post by: Uncle Mxy on June 27, 2007, 12:57:20 AM
I'm seeing a similar sort of thing with the latest "The Batman" cartoon.  It started out kinda crummy, but is veering more toward Bat stories and stuff that works, that we've seen before in B:TAS and its many descendants.

Title: Re: Something odd about Smallville
Post by: Criadoman on June 27, 2007, 10:39:16 PM
Yeah, and I can't explain whether this is just the natural evolution of the characters (e.g. the stories always tend to develop toward some era) or if it is just happening because the old stories are simply being mined for all they are worth.

Even in the books, I see a similar trend.  For instance, sure, Silver Age Supes stories often times were mined and revamped for the Iron Age (Superman Red & Blue, Death of, even Lori Lermanis 1st Iron Age appearance, etc.) - but those were obvious mined things.  Eventually however, Superman just starts drifting into the Silver Age and then, here we are.

Very interesting.