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Title: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: binarysunrise on July 07, 2007, 08:25:08 PM

Ok, it's time to play our favorite game, "Guess that Superman Comic!" As many of you know, I am currently working on indexing the Superman daily newspaper strip series, and many of these stories were retelling of other classic Superman tales (or were themselves reprinted later on in the comic books - it's sort of a chicken/egg thing for each story).

So to save time I am working off an old list from Tom McGeehan, who had started compiling notes back in the mid-sixties.  He figured out that every daily story from 1959 through the end of the series in 1966 had been retold/originally told in the comic books, and identified most of them.  A few, though, stumped him.

Here we go then, his summary of the story from the daily strips.  Can you match it to the corresponding comic book tale?????

1) March - April 1964, Daily Episode #148.  "The Sentinel printed scandal about Col. Stone Heart White - Perry White will duplicate death march of 1870, covered wagon style - it turns out it was a $10,000 bet for charity between the Perry White & The Sentinel"

2) October - December 1965, Daily Episode #163. "Superman runs for senator - with Jimmy Olsen as his campaign manager against LL with Mr. Mxyzptlk her manager.  Superman is not born in the state, & is not 30 years old, so Perry White becomes interim senator."

3) February - April 1966, Daily Episode #165.  "Rich man, poor man - Batman in story - Tiger gang robs millionaire's club - Superman poses as millionaire to capture crooks, then as a bum to clear slum area - Sir Jeffrey Winston needs Superman.  Possibly 'The Triumph of Luthor & Brainiac' in Superman #173?"

Again, I have not read these strips, so these are his summaries.  The comic book stories seemed to be printed around the date of the daily episodes, but sometimes they were years apart.  If someone could help me figure out these three stories, I would have a complete matching list for the daily episodes 104-165.  However, the trend must continue in the episodes before #104.  So as a bonus mystery, here is the previous episode:

4) February - April 1958, Daily Episode 103.  "A broadcast on Superman's television from the year 3004 A.D. calls on the Superman of the past to help the future in its hour of greatest danger. The man from the future warns Superman that an escaped criminal known as XL9 has entered the past in order to obtain a certain element needed to rule the world of 3004 A.D. Can Superman stop the criminal and save the future?" (My summary)

So, are there any Superman experts able to tackle these mysteries?? I'd appreciate any help or clues anyone has to offer.  :D

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: jamespup on July 07, 2007, 10:24:11 PM
The Death March:

Senator Superman?:

Rich Man Poor man:

Sorry, can't find the last one

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: MatterEaterLad on July 08, 2007, 12:48:13 AM
Nice job there, jamespup, I was off to find references to two stories and you had three of them.

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: Permanus on July 08, 2007, 01:33:11 AM
I love Superman's dirty feet on the riches-to-rags cover!

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: jamespup on July 08, 2007, 05:51:16 AM
You're welcome !   I don't have the original of the Death March, but I do have the reprint in Superman Family.  I have the other two, though, but that last one?   Not even a SHRED of familiarity to it.

"A vote for Superman is a vote in vain, vote instead for Lois Lane "
Too Funny ! 

But I agree, Permanus, the Rags to Riches is a pretty funny cover too !

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: OKITOMAGIC on July 08, 2007, 07:50:01 AM
To Binary
I believe the last  item,  was in a Adventures comics (Superboy , not Superman) issue 250 1959. reprinted in 80 Page Giant , i believe issue 10
The  story was the Imposter from the year 2958.
The element was Cobalt , which was needed for the "villian" to make the c-bomb. The name of the was  Lorac
Hope  this helps

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: binarysunrise on July 08, 2007, 08:20:12 AM

Great job guys, I am terribly impressed!  And as for that last story, I think you nailed it OkitoMagic.  But man, is the story different.  The synopsis of Adventure #250:

Clark Kent is notified by authorities in the future, that a criminal, Lorac-K7 has escapes to the past to steal cobalt. Lorac knows Superboy’s identity and is disguised as someone he knows.
Clark goes through the day, protecting Smallville’s cobalt supplies. Several theft attempts are made. Superboy suspects Professor Land, his principal, and even the mayor of being Lorac. Finally, Superboy realizes that Lorac is disguised as Lana Lang. He captures Lorac and sends her back to the future without any cobalt.

So in the newspaper a year earlier the story originally was Superman, hunting down XL9, who is trying to steal Metropolis's copper supplies.  Finally he realizes that XL9 is disguised as Lois Lane...

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: binarysunrise on July 08, 2007, 11:18:29 AM
Great, so I now have the matching comic book stories for the Daily episodes #103-165 (except for 107...I have to look at that story to get a summary).  Pushing it backwards a few episodes, we have:

Episode #100 (April - June 1957) - "Jimmy Olsen decides to volunteer for a dangerous army experiment. However, on his way out of the Daily Planet, men who think he is a private detective named Matt Fulmer attack him. Things turn worse for Jimmy when he arrives at his house to find out that his landlady doesn't recognize him. Confused beyond belief, Jimmy decides to adopt the identity of Matt Fulmer and assist a woman who comes in need to his office. When Jimmy finally crosses paths with Superman, will Superman be meeting Matt Fulmer or Jimmy Olsen?"

Episode #101 (June-October 1957) - "The Daily Planet wants to highlight the ways in which Metropolis citizens can help support city hospitals. When Clark Kent arranges an interview with Dr. Griffiths, Griffiths decides to make an example out of Clark Kent. The doctor convinces Clark Kent to donate his blood to save an unconscious patient. Unable to back out, Clark donates his super-blood, which has the unforeseen effects of giving the girl patient superpowers. Will Superman be able to convince Myrtle to use her powers for good?"

Episode #102 (October 1957-February 1958) - "The hottest book in Metropolis is 'My Secret Romance with Superman,' detailing Nicole La Flamme's supposed relationship with Superman. Lois Lane reads through the book in an attempt to expose La Flamme publicly as a liar. Will Lois be able to uncover the truth behind the fiction?"

Any thoughts?

Title: Re: Guess that Superman Comic!
Post by: TELLE on July 11, 2007, 04:40:47 AM