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Title: I didn't like fighting him.
Post by: Shazam! on July 18, 2007, 08:36:23 PM
Ok, I know I get a lot of heat for this. When I was fighting Superman in Lexor City and we trashed the place before the welfare recipients could get off of welfare.  I only wanted to help. I had always looked up to Supes and I didn't know why we were fighting when we were part of the Justice League.  I know I don't have x-ray vision like Supes does, but I got muscle when it's needed! Supes ultimately kicked my butt. Maybe that's what I get for shooting my mouth off about Lex Luthor. But Luthor is so Metropolis and we don't hear as much about him in Fawcett City. We don't have all of the goons that float between Metropolis, Gotham and Central City.  I never said I endorsed Lex Luthor for president, but the paparazzis like to take things out of context and Supes should have known that. It hurt me that I felt it was necessary for me to leave the JLA. My perception of it just didn't match up with what i thought it would be. My beef wasn't with Batman or the Flash but it rested squarely with Superman.  Jon Jonz still has my number and they can call me if they need me but for now I'll be better off rescuing mischievous kids from stolen cars in ditches and cats from trees in the park.
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