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Title: The new super-boy
Post by: Ruby Spears Superman on July 24, 2007, 03:17:51 PM
 I haven't been following the latest Superman comics (largely due to price) but I have seen that they brought back many of the elements of the original universe such as Mon-El, the phantom zone, a young Clark that wears glasses and when he was younger was called a super-boy, references to the Legion. What are the differences between this new version and the old? Did he still develope his powers around puberty or sooner? What elements did they keep from the post-crisis universe and what elements did they keep from the pre-crisis universe? 

Title: Re: The new super-boy
Post by: Super Monkey on July 24, 2007, 05:05:49 PM
No one really knows yet, the full story hasn't come out. They are revealing bits and pieces a little at a time.

Title: Re: The new super-boy
Post by: superboy on August 25, 2011, 07:56:35 AM
THE NEW SUPERBOYIn recent years, particularly since the limited series Infinite Crisis concluded in 2006, Superman's backstory has been modified again, and many elements of Superboy's history have been restored to his biography. The limited series Superman: Secret Origin (2009-2010) fleshes out many of the details of Kal-El's revised backstory. The writer of the limited series, Geoff Johns, describes the story as follows: "It goes from Clark's teenage years, through his first adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes and into his arrival and introduction to Metropolis as Superman. We've included the first three covers with the interview and you can see a pretty big part of Clark Kent's history is being reintroduced as well - namely, Superboy. But with a bit of a twist."[19]

The first issue of the miniseries depicts teenage Clark first suiting up shortly after learning that he is from Krypton.[20] In the second issue, Clark performs rescues and other super-feats in costume, but keeps his activities secret, giving rise to the myth of a "super-boy" operating in and around Smallville. He also joins the Legion of Super-Heroes under the identity of Superboy.[21][22] Later in the same issue, Clark finds Krypto after the dog arrives on Earth. Clark does not go public with his superhero identity until after he has grown up and moved to Metropolis.[23] Superboy (Kal-El) appeared in Adventure Comics from #12/#515 (Aug 2010) to #520 (Jan 2011) as a member of the Legion in the first story arc scripted by Paul Levitz in that series since its revival in 2009.