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Title: All-New Super Friends Hour DVD 1.8.2008
Post by: Michel Weisnor on September 13, 2007, 12:49:43 PM
A regular on Boomerang, All-New Super Friends Hour finally comes to DVD.

Possible episode list:

"1. Brain Machine (Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman), Joy Ride (Wonder Twins), Invasion of the Earthors (SF), Whirlpool (Aquaman and Black Vulcan)

2. The Secret Four (Superman, Batman and Robin), Tiger on the Loose (Wonder Twins), The Mysterious Time Creatures (SF), The Antidote (Wonder Woman and Apache Chief )

3. Invasion of the Hyydronoids (Batman, Robin and Aquaman), Hitchhike (Wonder Twins), City in a Bottle (SF), Space Emergency (Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Hawkgirl)

4. Doctor Fright (Superman and Wonder Woman), Drag Race (Wonder Twins), Day of the Plant Creatures (SF), Fire (Batman, Robin, and Rima)

5. The Monster of Dr. Droid (Superman and Wonder Woman), Vandals (Wonder Twins), Super Friends Versus Super Friends (SF), The Energy Mass (Batman, Robin and the Atom)

6. The Enforcer (Wonder Woman and Aquaman), Shark (Wonder Twins), Planet of the Neanderthals (SF), Flood of Diamonds (Aquaman and Green Lantern)

7. Forbidden Power (Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman), Pressure Point (Wonder Twins), The Lion Men (SF), Day of the Rats (Batman, Robin and Black Vulcan)

8. Invisible Menace (Superman and Aquaman), Initiation (Wonder Twins), Coming of the Arthropods (SF), River of Doom (Wonder Woman and Rima)" credit DarkLantern

Please note. After watching these episodes on Boomerang, they really need digital remastering. The picture quality  washes out and artifacts are prevalent. Also, if possible, the extra perspectives should include discussions with the original Hanna-Barbera creative minds behind the Superfriends and not just today's current comic writers. Otherwise, it's always great to see another animated DC series released from this era. Hooray!!!   

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Title: Re: All-New Super Friends Hour Wonder Twins Powers Update!
Post by: Michel Weisnor on October 17, 2007, 10:20:11 AM of the last bastions of conservative programming...

I thought it was a 70's cartoon show written for children. Twenty years later, Justice League's target audience was probably the 16-40 crowd. Why must they always compare?

WB should focus on documentaries with original voice actors, directors, and artists than today's comic writer's explaining their interpretations of superheroes, see New Adventures of Superman and Batman documentaries. Although, the Filmation segments were quite informative.