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Title: More or Less Categories
Post by: India Ink on November 06, 2007, 12:50:56 PM
I've noticed that the forum doesn't get much action.  And I wonder if part of the problem is that the forum is spread out among so many categories. Fewer categories would push posters to look under one general (very general--eg. Superman comics) category to see the topics.  And while looking for one topic, the poster might find others he/she wants to answer.  I don't know if this would work. Maybe the forum is just always going to have low responses. But it might be worth a try.

What do you think?

Title: Re: More or Less Categories
Post by: Permanus on November 06, 2007, 05:30:32 PM
Actually, I was just thinking it doesn't seem to have been very active these past two weeks (is that because of holidays in the US or something?), but usually it gets quite a lot of activity compared to other forums I go on. It seems to me that different categories tend to inspire people to write more - it's not as though the topics got diluted or anything.

You should have seen how active the place got the day after Superman Returns opened in America: I thought I'd have to take the day off to go through all the posts.