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Title: Page 26 online
Post by: Great Rao on April 21, 2011, 11:15:30 AM
Page 26 is now online.  Art by Angel, colors by Sarge.

A couple of additional update/changes to the K-Metal site in general:

1 - I've removed the newsprint toning and pixel effects from all the pages.  I think the artwork is much clearer and better looking this way.  If the newsprint version is still coming up but you don't want it to, doing a browser "reload" should correct the issue.

2 - I've uploaded larger versions of all the pages.  In addition to the previous 626 and 690 pixel width images, there is now also a 900 pixel wide version.  The K-Metal site code will automatically display the widest version that will fit in the user's monitor.  (the user's monitor width can be set by the "w" URL variable)

Someone on the Facebook page asked about making a download version of the story available.  We may do that, but want to wait until all of the pages are complete.