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Title: Gotham - TV series (2014)
Post by: Aldous on March 05, 2015, 07:52:04 PM
So here is the one that has grown on me. I watched the first season and I was a little ho-hum through most of it. Then (particularly now into the 2nd season) it is a show I look forward to. I only have time to watch a couple of shows.

Its connection to Batman was the obvious draw at first, but now I don't think about Batman at all. The main hero (as usual) is the thing in the show that has captured me. (Ben McKenzie.)

Jim Gordon is such a great, old-fashioned, two-fisted good-guy! I love it.

Yes, this WILL be the man who'll (when he matures) clean up the cesspit that is Gotham, and the one guy in authority who can see eye-to-eye with Batman, most of the time.

The main character (and actor) carries it for me. He's great. Growing on me more and more.

But then this show has casting gold. I could mention the Penguin - Robin Lord Taylor - definitely the standout. The young actor who plays Bruce Wayne: gold. There are maybe one or two others I could mention.

It's kept from turning completely into Sopranos-Lite because it actually has a good guy (who can think and fight), and is the white against the grey.