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Title: A job for Superman
Post by: Great Rao on July 16, 2019, 06:47:44 AM
Today, white watching a video on Youtube, I chanced to scroll down a bit and read viewers' comments.

What did I find?


Hatred for the subject matter of the video, hatred for other commentors, just general hate.

And in the column on the right - of suggested videos - more hate.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, reddit, all more of the same.

The left hates the right.

The right hates the left.

The athiests hate the believers.

The believers hate the atheists.

The men hate the women.

The women hate the men.

Various religions hate each others, sexual preferences hate each other, races hate each other.  Pro-choce/Pro-life advocates hate each other.

And I got to wondering - where is all this hatered coming from?  It wasn't always like this.  This new hatered is stronger and deeper and angrier than it has ever been - it is something new to the human race.

To me, this rise in hate appears to correspond to the rise of the internet.

Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube all make money off of hatred.  Hatred gets them more views, more ad revenue, and more posts.  Their AI algorithms encourage, nourish, and promote hatred and create a highly addictive environment.

These tech giants are making money by inciting hatred and are thus motivated to continue to do more of the same - an endless feedback loop.  They have insinuated themselves into every single aspect of our lives.

In the early days of Superman, the villains that made money off of hatred were the munitions dealers and the weapons manufacturers.

Now, they are doing the same, but in a more virtual and visceral realm and in a more insidious manner.  The casualties are our civilization and our souls.

Stopping this is a job for Superman.

We were told that in the hour of our greates need, Superman would one day return.

I hope he does.