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Title: Four pages added and a request
Post by: Great Rao on September 09, 2003, 09:36:00 AM
I've added those four pages from Steranko's History of Comics to the unpublished K-Metal story (

I had no problem placing pages fifteen ( and twenty-one (  

I placed page eight ( based on the description in Mark Waid's plot synopsis (, which says,

it's not until page 8 that Superman himself springs into action--

--for what could be the last time.

While pulling a child from the path of an out-of-control motorist, Superman feels a strange, sudden weakness that saps him of his powers.

But there was one more page that I couldn't place.

If anyone has any info on what the pages number is for  this page (, please either post the info here, or send an email to

( (


1/2006 - Administrator's note: The scans of these pages have been removed from the site in order to avoid story spoilers.