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Title: Superman Figures and Kryptonite
Post by: pocketmego on April 25, 2004, 05:35:35 AM
Have you ever noticed how many Superman figures come with Kryptonite?

It seems like a weird accesory to give Superman. You would think it would come packed with his villains.

But, no, it usually just comes with him.

The first toy I ever had was the Remco powered Superman figure, a figure I will own again someday. He came with a big glowing piece of plastic Kryptonite.

We would not see Kryptonite as a figure accesory until it came with the Lex Soar 7 for the Super Powers line. This time it was a clear, jewel, green, shaped piece of plastic that was supposed to power Luthor's ship. But, it's use as a weapon agains Superman makes it a hard piece to actually find intact with the toy.

Next it appeared with the Toybiz Superman figure as a replica of Post Crisis Lex Luthor's Kryptonite ring. This was a magnet gimick that was supposed to knock Superman down if the Kryptonite ring got to close to the figure. So not only was this a crap Superman figure ( a very poor copy of the Super Powers figure) but it's power action was to actually fall down.

In the Man of Steel toy line it was only Metallo that came packed full of Kryptonite. In this case it was a detachable hand and hammer replacement part both meant to be Kryptonite.

The Total Justice Superman figure came with Kryptonite armor and emitter ray weapon. In effect the armor was supposed to absorb Kryptonite eneergy and channel it back as a positive energy through a weapon Superman carried around. WEIRD

Both the Lana Lang and Clark Kent DC Direct figures came packed with Kryptonite as did the Silver age and Lois Lane 2 pack.

All in all, for the Man of Steel's greatest weakness he sure did find himself trapped inside many a toy package with the deadly substance. :D