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Title: Real life Superbaby
Post by: Super Monkey on June 24, 2004, 10:01:32 AM
A seven-month old baby with a genetic mutation that boosts muscle growth is seen in an undated black and white image released by the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday June 23, 2004. The discovery, reported in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, represents the first documented human case of such a mutation. The boy's mutant DNA segment was found to block production of a protein called myostatin that limits muscle growth. (AP Photo/New England Journal of Medicine, HO)

Read all about him here :

Title: The Atom
Post by: The Starchild on June 26, 2004, 09:30:29 AM
I hope this kid is getting treatment, because this could be a serious problem.  If the muscles are too strong, they would prohibit normal bone growth.  This is actually a real problem and is why kids shouldn't do heavy duty weight lifting.  The bones can't grow against the tension of the muscles.

This little guy could stay infant sized his entire life, which would lead to further complications.  His organs would grow normally as he ages, but there would be no room for them in his skeleton.  Lungs, heart, etc, would all be scrunched up too tight.