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Title: 28 Fan Gallery pictures added
Post by: Great Rao on June 30, 2004, 10:55:23 PM
I've finally caught up on some of the Fan Gallery submissions.  I just spent some time trying to sort through my emails, and I'm pretty sure that all of the pictures emailed between July, 2003 and April, 2004 have  been added to a new gallery page (  In the past, it was time consuming to add submissions, which is why I fell behind.  But this new page should be a lot easier to keep updated.  In fact, I think it even has an automatic upload feature so that people can upload their own pictures directly, but I haven't figured out how to enable that part yet... :-)


Title: Re: 28 Fan Gallery pictures added
Post by: Dylan Clearbrook on September 22, 2004, 12:53:31 AM
Great gallery (even if I am late getting around to looking at it  :oops: )

Just one nit to pick :)

The Supergirl pic by Tom Burgos.  This is one Tom did as a bonus for me when I commissioned a pic of Kara and Rogue. It is NOT Kara Zor-El :)  It is actually one of the twins from my Fan Fiction.  German Mora Venegas designed the costume  (here is the original design he did for me:

The one in the gallery is actually Carrie Dox Zor-El.

Personally, I like the costume and wouldn't mind seeing Supergirl in something like would be a bit more modern :)

Not saying change anything...just thought I would clarify a bit :)