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Author Topic: The "Ultimate" pre-crisis Superman video game.  (Read 4174 times)
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« on: August 27, 2004, 05:43:59 AM »

This would be expensive but it should go like this

DC negotiates with Squaresoft (Final Fantasy) to produce a Superman game based on the Pre-crisis continuity

DC Negotioates with John Williams to borrow his Superman theme as THE main Theme of the Game

DC gets all the previous tracks of Superman music pre-reboot and have BOTH the original and have Nubuo Uematsu (FF's music composer [he is GREAT I can assure you that] Remastered with his orchestra)do classical-music pieces with them.

Get Square's top programmers to create a perfect adaptation of the Greatest Superman-mythos spectacles such as Krypton and Kandor, and Present it with a Final Fantasy-quality of layout presentation.

The story should start on Cark being Superboy going through his first meetings with Luthor (who'll eventually Turn Heel for life) and be done with CGI quality..

The first Legion story should be a good sub-game since the three legionaires did give kal a test for Legion-qualification.

Superboy should also travel to Earth-2 to train the Earth-2 "non Superboy" Clark.

Finally The Death of the Kents should also be dramatic (a game that sets up following the story "The Last days of Pa and Ma Kent") with CGI

A CGI showing how Superboy slowly grows up into Superman

First Meeting with Lois, via damsel in distress kind of game

First meeting with Jimmy olsen via game mechanics (you control jimmy) based on the "How Superman first met Jimmy Olsen" story.

Perry's "Gr8 ceasar's ghost" story.

Luthor's legion of Supervillains also integrated with Gameplay

Games based on scenarios of how Various Kryptonite's affect supes (Strategic.. level by level)

A Game based on how good you can hide supergirl from the rest of the world (ends with the event of him finally unveiling her)

The Braniac/Kandor 1 story can also be adapted into a gameplay mechanics with supes reduced size in the story.

The Nightwing and Flamebird storyline can also be added

The Lexor one with Luthor sets up a fighting game scene with Luthor vs a depowered you in Lexor

Part 2 later..

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« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2004, 04:49:28 PM »

I would absolute love to see a modern, high quality video game based on the pre crisis continuity.  Imagine being able to shrink down, and actually visit Kandor, and have adventures as Nightwing, then, when done, expand back to normal size in the Fortress.  And imagine the Fortress!  How vast and detail-laden it could be!  And having to lift the key to open the door!  There's so much incredible stuff that they could do these days, I hope we see it.

As far as the villian, I think Brainiac could be a good choice.  Then you get both the slug-fest scenes, but he's probably also trying to take over the global internet or something via a Brainiac Virus designed to turn the whole thing into him so you have to stop it from spreading, maybe by having to visit equidistant nodes implanted at various points all over the planet, which would make for some good background scenery.  (one in the amazon jungle, one in the sahara, planet core, bottom of ocean, major metropolitan center, etc)

Instead, all the released games have been incredibly lame.

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« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2006, 11:02:08 PM »

Omstead of CGI 3D, put it in a cartoon style, like Viewtiful Joe or that style of graphics... I would do each level as a seperate comic book issue and utilize the styles of Wayne Boring and Curt Swan... and toss in Kurt Schaffenberger for the Superboy levels...

One can dream...
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