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Author Topic: What the evil creator (John Byrne) is saying  (Read 14424 times)
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« Reply #16 on: March 27, 2003, 06:25:41 AM »

I find it very hard to identify with a babbling neurotic who whines while he fights
that is especially true of Spidey,and the mutants. If I want jokes form neurotic people I want to listen to Woody Allen instead.  

That's not it, sure they were bad qualities, but those errs make them relatable, of course it's a different story if they err oftenly but case in point no one would like this "perfect" icon who's really unbelievable..

and anyone else can say "If I wanted role models I'd listen to my Dad" just as much as your Woody Allen's


Despite their heroic qualities,they became heroes by accident,if you review their origins. Batman,Supes,Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) etc were heroes by choice,they had greatness and responsibility thrust upon them,but they took those burdens willingly. Even Thor,a personal favorite of mine,was not exempt from that trap in the Stan Lee days. Walt Simonson elevated Thor to heroic levels,and the current writer (DC drop-out Dan Jurgens) still has not matched that level,despite teaming up with great artists like John Romita Jr.,Andy Kubert and Tom Rainey. [/qupte]

I agree, But let me ask you this.. should everyone be flat straight and act like superman(be interchangeable) rather than have their own different personalities, This diversity is what brought marvel to a new age of greatness during the silver age.


As for the old Supes,I prefer him to Spidey because he has his share of outlandish stories (example the Bizarro series and some of the imaginary tales)

Mythos-wise Spidey really can't beat supes.. (his rogues gallery are just plain stupid IMO) but relatablity is as edge he has.


That's what I can say in defense of the Silver Age Supes.  

You can roll up your eyes again till they drop  if you don't know that a Filipino is writing this e-mail. (Only Pinoys can make such ridiculous lines like favorite nemesis,pare)

Corinthian?? he's the only Pinoy Troller I know who rolls-eyes like hell.


What does your Nippongo greeting mean? Speaka da inglish,man...we're not otakus.  


Otenami haiken to iko ka is a signature.. not a part of my post

with all due respect I am not trying to force you to change your point of view (I respect them), I am only Defending the post-crisis superman and the right for it to be prefered.

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« Reply #17 on: April 08, 2006, 11:53:13 AM »

Sorry if i write my post only now,but i discovered recentely this post,
i'm not a huge Byrne fan but i have to admit that in the past he has done some real good works for the comics industry,
but i also think that his past have become is greatest enemies,when someone reaches his level of influence and popularity,became sometimes overhauled,even the editors are willing to guarantee him great freedom,(or maybe they are forced to do that from the power that be in the company,because they think first of the money that will came from his job,and this can be understood),only that all of this have made maybe Byrne lazy,he accept the challenge but he's not gonna do all that is in its power for creating the best,and his latest works are all an example.Hiding behind the fact that someone has approved the things that he will do to a certain character is not an excuse for not thinking about the readers,(expecially the old ones because they are here to stay,but in the past years the company were caring only on creating new audience with not so great succeses)or not trying to do his best.

Byrne says:
This all comes from a dichotomy of its own: the fans who claim great insight into what is going on "behind the scenes," yet who really do not know nearly as much as they think they do. (Some of them seem to be claiming telepathic abilities -- but that's a whole 'nother column!).

This came from the writer that as told to us that the New Gods were much more powerful than the Olympian Gods,gee,so now i want to see Fastback versus Hermes,or Mr Miracle versus Ares and how you will resolve this conflict...

"Since we didn't want to use our science on your world, Shayera and I decided we would fight Earth-crime with Earth-weapons. She always found it amusing that I felt so comfortable with them" - Katar Hol
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