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Question: Superboy vs Mon-El  (Voting closed: April 02, 2005, 04:42:34 AM)
Superman - 5 (71.4%)
Mon-El - 2 (28.6%)
Total Voters: 7

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Author Topic: Superboy versus Mon-El  (Read 19726 times)
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Quote from: "Captain Kal"
Quote from: "Captain Kal"
Also, Superboy (and Ultra Boy) seem to be more invulnerable when it comes to their minds.  These two were immune to the Master's mind control helmet but Mon-El was controlled alongside the rest of the Legion.  This seems related to how Darkseid easily controlled the entire Daxamite population.  You'd think if this were so easy for Darkseid that he'd also take over some LSH heavy-hitters too.  Mon and possibly Daxamites in general seem more vulnerable to mental attacks.

Let me further add that even in Mon-El's first appearance he was suffering from amnesia, a form of mental disability.  Only the shock of lead poisoning revived his lost memories.  The only time Superboy's super-memory aka total recall fails him is related to kryptonite exposure (green for permanent gaps and red for temporary ones).  This further underscores Daxamite mental vulnerability being more pronounced than the same for Kryptonians.

We have three pieces of evidence given the above.

On a related note, Saturn Girl easily downed both Mon-El and Ultra Boy with her mental powers.  In an earlier Siegel story "The Revenge of the Super-Heroines", Imra resorted to trickery and a disguised kryptonite robot to defeat Superboy instead of directly using her super-telepathy on him.  In that same story, she claims Superboy, not Mon-El, is the mightiest of the Legionaires.

Phantom Girl and Princess Projectra have similarly said Superboy is their strongest member when they faced a robot that decked Superboy.

More evidence of Mon-El's, and possibly general Daxamites', being more vulnerable mentally:

Superboy (1st series) #190, Sept. 1972: LSH back-up story.  Tharok trains Validus to kill any Legion leader then kidnaps Saturn Girl and Mon-El as they're the current candidates for leader.  The important story point here is Mon tells Imra he intends to step down as leader no matter what the outcome of the election.  He can't stand the strain of another term as leader.  In the confrontation with Tharok and Validus, and believing Saturn Girl was already killed by Validus earlier, Mon-El starts to have his feared breakdown as he starts to crack from the strain and sweat is pouring down his face.  Only his belief that Imra sacrificed herself taking Validus' mental lightning bolt for him inspires him to overcome his self-doubts then ultimately defeat Tharok's plan.

Tharok had him imprisoned in a floating prison of energy globes that sapped his powers as he used them.  Lar decided to combine all his powers at once (strength to force them apart, speed to vibrate out, flight to fly out, heat vision to vapourize them, breath to freeze/blow them apart) so he overloaded them.

Tharok hid behind Validus and threatened to order Validus to strike Mon down if he didn't back off.  Mon said if they tangled it would be a stalemate.  Mon offered Tharok a proposition.  He offered to make Tharok the new Legion leader, with Validus and himself as the 'muscle' to force the Legion to be Tharok's villains.  Tharok decided that as fearsome and as powerful as the Fatal Five was, the LSH was more powerful and formidable.  He agreed and declared himself LSH leader with Mon-El's help and approval.  Bad move.  He forgot that he trained Validus to kill all Legion leaders so the monster immediately blasted him leaving his robot half melted to slag.  Imra turns up alive having used her telepathy to make Validus weaken the bolt that hit her so it only stunned her into seeming death.  Mon-El gets his confidence back from this incident so when he's elected later, he remains leader.

The point is, Lar both feared and demonstrated that he could crack from mental strain of Legion leadership.  Only Lightning Lad has similarly caved under leadership and in his case his own electrical powers had turned inwards interfering with his own brain.  Lar had no such excuse.

Captain Kal

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson."
-- The Dalai Lama
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