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Author Topic: YOU PLOT SUPERMAN:ALL-STAR!  (Read 3799 times)
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« on: March 04, 2005, 11:53:00 AM »

Imagine that you were give control of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN for 12 to do to down. What you would do? [Just rember this is the Sliver Age Supeman from Earth-1!]

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« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2005, 01:11:39 AM »


Brainiac has left an android version of himself in the bottle city of Kandor, with the intention that it should spy on the inhabitants and pass information on to Brainiac.  It is disguised as a mild-mannered Kandorian who works as a computer technician, giving it access to all of the computers and spying devices already in use by the Kandorian police and occasionally communicates with one of the inhabitants by hacking into their computer terminals.  It shares his personality and ambitions, though, to the point that it decides to lead a little (heh) rebellion.  Mini-Brainiac makes a deal with several of the inhabitants of Kandor -- it can free them from the bottle and let them live in the real world, but in return, they have to submit to surgical implants that will allow Brainiac to control their actions and experience their physical sensations.

The Kandorians that accept this deal are indeed freed from the bottle and returned to their proper size.  The first thing Mini-Brainiac does is use them to attack Superman.  He tries to fight them off and does pretty good, but he's outnumbered and overwhelmed, and their implants allow them to fight as a cohesive unit which helps to make up for Superman's greater experience.  The fight goes all the way into outer space, where the Kandorians end up just dogpiling on Superman and holding him still.  From out of the darkness of space approaches Brainiac's skullship.  Tendrils emerge from it, placing an implant in the back of Superman's neck, and slowly Brainiac begins to take control of Superman.  Superman's identity begins to erode as his personality is replaced by that of Brainiac.  "You will be Superman no more!" thunders the voice of Brainiac in Superman's head.  "You will be nothing but the mightiest extension of my will!  You will be my slave!  You will use your powers to subjugate the universe in my name until nothing remains save that which belongs to me!  In the end, there will be no power in the universe, no consciousness, no life except mine!  Welcome the eternal reign of Brainiac!"

But Superman, never one to suffer long-winded villainous diatribes without a fight, screams.  And even in the vaccuum of space, being shouted at full-force by Superman is a serious drag.  Through a combination of super-breath and super-ventriloquism, his scream basically affects the skullship like a physical blow, damaging it heavily.  The Kandorians holding Superman are sent flying, and then rush to hold the skullship together long enough to get it to the moon, where it can be repaired.  Superman himself is propelled back toward the Earth, where he becomes a falling star due to the heat from re-entry.

By the time he impacts with the surface of the Earth, the implant has been damaged, but has also done some of its work.  Superman's identity has been deeply wounded by Brainiac's technomental attack.  As Brainiac commanded, there is no more Superman.  But there is still Clark Kent -- amnesiac, lost alone and afraid of dying in the Himalaya Mountains where he's crashed.

Wounded and confused, Clark wanders around for a little while, trying to figure out how he ended up in the mountains and why he's wearing this strange costume.  He doesn't feel the cold ("I must already have frostbite!  I need to find shelter and a fire quickly!"), but he doesn't really figure out that he has powers.  He collapses in the snow, expecting to die -- until he's found, picked up and carried away by a large, furry being.  He's only dimly aware of this, though.  For the most part, he's unconscious, still reeling from the psychic damage of Brainiac's attack.

When he comes to, he's in a cave, warming next to a fire, covered in furs.  His costume isn't anywhere to be seen, but he wasn't that attached to it anyway.  The large, fur-covered figure is watching over him silently.  Its face is a metal mask, and as it removes the fur, it is revealed to be a very tall, very beautiful woman -- except for her face.  She leaves the mask on and explains that she is horribly scarred and does not want to reveal her hideousness to the world, which is why she is hiding here in the mountains.

She was working for Vandal Savage in the guise of Julius Caesar, trying to promote the spread of Roman law and order throughout the world.  She wasn't aware of some of the weirder things he was up to, specifically regarding the torture of women captured from conquered civilizations.  She rebelled, but Savage called upon Mars to defeat her and then tortured her, horribly disfiguring her and throwing her in a prison cell.  This follows Silver Age rules that an Amazon, if chained by a man, was incapable of breaking those chains.  So she was stuck there for centuries, until the Goths sacked Rome.  Her chains were broken and she escaped -- but in her shame for having helped Caesar, she refused to return to the Amazons, even though she could have been healed by the Purple Ray.  She's been hiding in the wilderness ever since, having lived in these particular mountains for the last few centuries.

Clark asks her name.  She says that she is known as Yeta, the Abominable Snowwoman.  She had another name once, given to her by her sister Amazons, but she no longer feels that she deserves that name.

Clark doesn't remember much more than his name.  He thinks it's Clark, anyway -- the words "Kal-El" also seem to float in his mind, though he's not sure what they mean.  Yeta doesn't recognize the name Kal-El (she's been out of circulation since before the rocket landed in Kansas), but she does think it sounds interesting -- perhaps Clark is one of the Hebrews that Yeta remembers meeting in Rome?  Clark says he doesn't know.  But he remembers the city of Metropolis, the clearest memory he has of it being a large, spinning globe surrounded by a ring.  And he remembers faces -- a beautiful woman with dark hair who he remembers loving yet fearing, and a redheaded kid that makes Clark laugh, and a gruff old man with a cigar that Clark trusts implicitly.  There are other images in his memory as well -- a beautiful red-haired woman, a blond girl that Clark feels protective about, a white dog, and even a bald man whose image in his mind makes Clark very sad.

None of this makes any sense to Yeta.  She suggests to him that if he feels a need to help people he must go out into the world to do so, as she requires no help in her solitude.  He asks if she will help him and she tells him that her shame is still too great -- she does not think that she will ever return to civilization or the company of people, instead choosing to wait until the world freezes in another ice age.  The glaciers will come and take her and she will live perhaps for all eternity in an icy hell of her own making, which she believes to be just punishment for her crimes.  Clark disagrees strongly with the need for this, but she does at least tell him that he can come back and visit some day, should he wish it after experiencing the company of those who do not carry such great shame.  He leaves, promising to return if he survives the trek down the mountains.  She thinks he will survive, at least, as he seems stronger than he knows.

Meanwhile, the Kandorians have repaired the skullship under Brainiac's direction.  Silently, with no choice but to obey the commands coming from within the big metal death's head, they go further than merely repairing it -- they rebuild it at super-speed, taking materials (mostly metal) from the asteroid belt and building a shell around the moon.  The shell is fashioned to look like the skullship, so now Brainiac is always looking down at the Earth in the moonlit night sky, the eyes the only part of the moon that still shines.

Now that he feels safe, Brainiac sends one of the Kandorians down to see if Superman is dead or if he needs to be killed.  There's a big crater where he hit, so finding the point of impact isn't hard, but there's no Superman.  The Kandorian, still learning to use his super-senses, doesn't find Clark but does find Yeta's cave.  Suspecting that Yeta knows something about where Superman is, the Kandorian tries to take her prisoner, but Amazons are pretty tough and she whups the Kandorian.  Brainiac, still connected to the Kandorian's senses, knows this and sends reinforcements.  Yeta would still be willing to fight, but one of the fresh Kandorians is a woman, Luiah, and she bears a striking resemblance to one of the women Yeta saw being tortured in Rome.  Yeta surrenders and is taken prisoner.

Meanwhile (I love saying that), Jimmy, Lois and Perry have noticed (along with everybody else) that the moon is a skull.  Jimmy hits his signal-watch.

At that moment, Clark is stomping through waist-deep snow in the Himalayas, lost.  He hears a faint sound, though, and it somehow compells him to change direction.

The Kandorians, under Brainiac's control, go to the Daily Planet to announce Brainiac's takeover of Earth.  They don't go to a political leader to announce this, they explain, because all political systems on Earth have just become obselete and void.  The Kandorians say that Brianiac wants the headline to read, "BRAINIAC TAKES OVER EARTH," but Perry insists that this hasn't really happened yet, and that it should read, "BRAINIAC CLAIMS TO TAKE CONTROL OF EARTH."  There's a bit of an argument, but Jimmy points out that you can't take over the world without fighting Superman, and the Kandorians don't seem to be saying what's up with Superman, so they must not have beaten him yet, wherever he is.  The Kandorians argue that Superman is dead, but Jimmy, Perry and Lois -- especially Lois -- know this in their hearts to be untrue, so they won't print it.  Brainiac determines to have the entire human race fitted with implants and concedes the point, choosing to focus his energy on slaying Superman to prove his dominance to the world.

All this time, Mini-Brainiac has been chilling in the bottle city, imagining that he must have pleased his "parent" so well that he will get to return to the great intellect that is Brainiac.  But Brainiac never comes for him, and he starts to realize that he regrets his actions.  He has lived among the Kandorians, not merely studying them scientifically but also learning of their lives as individuals, to the point that he cares for the Kandorian woman named Luiah (he seduced her into trusting that the offer from Brainiac was a good one), and that he no longer wants to see them sacrifice their individual will as he has convinced them to.  In fact, he realizes, he doesn't really even want to lose his own identity to that of Brainiac!  He laments what he's done, but he isn't sure how to fix it.  He does know, however, that if there's a way to beat Brainiac, it'll probably involve Superman.  So he leaves the bottle city and enlarges himself, then leaves the Fortress of Solitude and starts trekking through the Arctic cold ...

... just like Clark is doing, actually, only he's just now leaving the Himalayas.  He's reached a village in Tibet which, however improbably, has a boy shouting the day's headlines from the Daily Planet in Tibetan.  But Clark finds that he understands Tibetan just fine, so he understands what it means that Brainiac claims to have taken over the Earth.  But who is Brainiac?  He doesn't remember.  He starts to have a vague sensation of once having dreamt of strange beings who flew through the sky and fought each other in suits of armor and threw worlds around like weapons in some kind of impossible celestial warfare.  But he's pretty sure they were only dreams.

The boy reading the newspaper headlines to everyone, though (the paper is in English and the boy is the best translator in the village) spots Clark and dashes after him.  "Superman!" the boy exclaims.  Clark doesn't get this, although the name rings a huge bell that sends him reeling.  The boy explains that he knows Superman when he sees him -- all children do.  It is a widely known fact that all children know the secret of Superman's identities, and they keep the secret for him.  They forget when they get older.  The boy insists that Clark has to put on his glasses (Clark finds them with that strange costume at the bottom of the pack Yeta made for him -- his glasses were safe in his cape-pouch the whole time) or else people will recognize him and many people will be in great danger.  Clark finds this impossible to believe and walks away as the boy cautions him not to dismiss a thing as untrue simply because he does not understand how it came to be.  Clark, upon further thought, puts on the glasses.

Lex Luthor, sitting in a jail cell, reads the same headlines.  He gets angry, shouting at a guard, insisting that if anyone is going to take over the world it's going to be him, and that if Superman doesn't have the guts to protect the world from alien invaders, he'll just have to do it himself.  The guard laughs and tells Lex that it doesn't matter what goes on outside the prison, inside the prison, Lex is still a prisoner and can't do anything for anybody, not even himself.  Lex smiles.

At this moment, the Kandorians are in battle with the Justice League.  The Kandorians are still inhibited and don't know how to use their powers so well, but the sheer force of having Superman's abilities is allowing them to win more victories than they suffer defeats.  The battle rages continuously in the sky over Metropolis, providing an amazing light show for the citydwellers.  Passing through the aerial battlefield is Luiah, who has been ordered to bring Yeta to Brainiac himself so that he can interrogate her and learn what happened to Superman.

Clark has, by now, hitchhiked to another village in Tibet.  He's thinking it's going to take forever to get to Metropolis at this rate.  He closes his eyes for a moment and experiences his super-senses.  At first he's alarmed, but then he starts to enjoy being able to hear everything, smell everything, taste the roasting food in a hut across town ... but it also makes him not pay enough attention to his immediate surroundings, so when he comes back to himself, he looks down and sees that his pack has been stolen.

Using his super-senses, including his X-Ray vision, he finds the pack again, but it's in the hands of a group of children not far away, hiding in an alleyway and speaking in hushed tones.  They're starting to pull a stretch of red fabric out of the pack, and their whispers are changing from the sound of excited greed to a note of regret, as though they're starting to realize they've done something very wrong.  As Clark comes around the corner, they look up at him in amazement.  They look down at the cape, then up at him again, then at his glasses and the spit-curl, and they realize who he is.

The kids give Clark back his pack and drag him off to a shelter.  This is their clubhouse, they explain.  They have a huge collection of comicbooks that they hide here.  They all love to read about the real-life adventures of Superman, which have been faithfully recorded in comicbook form (and translated into many languages including Tibetan).  They start to explain to Clark who he is, and even explain his powers to him.  Clark finds that what they say does help to explain some of his missing memories, and the truth resonates very strongly when they talk about Krypton and its destruction and how he first appeared as Superboy.

In the comicbooks there are Superman's friends -- Lois, Jimmy and Perry, all of whom have taken part in Superman's adventures enough to merit being in a comicbook.  There's also Clark Kent, which confuses Clerk very much, since in the comicbook (which is written by adults who don't know the secret) Superman and Clark Kent are best friends, although Clark is written as a sort of bumbling, cowardly comic relief.  The kids tell him, sure, that's what the adults think, but everybody else knows better.  Clark is totally bewildered now.

Lex, meanwhile, has built an invisibility cloak out of license plates, the mirror in his prison cell, and the wiring from his clock.  He slips out of the prison, walking behind the guard he was talking to earlier as that guard's shift ends.  They're doing a headcount in the prison behind him, and alarms are beginning to blare, just as the guard is getting to his car.  He watches in amazement as his car, seemingly of its own volition, leaves the parking lot.

As the battle rages in the skies above the other side of the world, several transports from the skull-moon are able to break through the Justice League's skirmish line to get at Earth.  These transports are carrying more androids created by Brainiac in his own image.  Many of them assault Metropolis (causing great destruction which shuts down power to most of the city plunging it into darkness), but others spread out to other places in the world, including Tibet because Brainiac is, after all, still looking for Superman and that's the last place he was thought to have been.

The androids attack the village, and at first Clark hides along with everyone else, until the androids start shooting people with stun-rays and affixing little devices to the backs of their heads which make the people get up again, pick up a stun-rifle and start attacking their neighbors.  The kids tell Clark he has to go out and fight, and Clark does so.  He doesn't seem to have very good control over his powers yet, but he still manages to avoid getting beaten up by the androids.  He recovers enough control to tear the androids apart and then rebuild them as a holding cell for the controlled villagers.

Helping people brings back more of Clark's memories.  He starts to accept, on an intellectual level at least, that he is this Superman that the kids keep telling him about.  But he still doesn't really believe, for example, that he can fly.  So he can't.  The villagers tell him that they'll watch over their controlled neighbors, he has to go defeat Brainiac and free their minds, as they can't risk detaching the implants which might kill the people they're implanted in.  Clark thinks it over for a moment, then promises to do whatever he possibly can.  He departs, ignoring the kids suggestion that he should change into his costume so he can scare Brainiac into doing something stupid.

At the Daily Planet, a Kandorian is explaining on Brainiac's behalf to Perry, Jimmy and Lois that the newspaper is now going to be the centerpoint of Brainiac's propoganda, which will culminate in every living being on the planet becoming a cybernetic thrall to Brainiac.  Lois uses a tiny kryptonite gem that she keeps in a lead pen-compartment (she doesn't explain why she has this) to weaken the Kandorian's powers and Jimmy tackles the Kandorian.  Perry whacks the implant off the back of the Kandorian's neck, which causes the Kandorian to scream and collapse.  All of the androids fighting in the streets of Metropolis suddenly turn toward the Daily Planet and start to march in that direction, while implanted humans continue to hunt their former fellow citizens for futher implantation.

Perry, Jimmy and Lois run through the building, trying to escape, not believing that they'll make it very far but refusing to give up.  They dodge a few androids, and then suddenly a man comes to their rescue, thrashing the androids as though he possesses the same cybernetic strength they do.  It's Mini-Brainiac, and he's done what everyone does when they want to find Superman -- they come to the Daily Planet.  He can't get them out of the building, but he can get them up to the roof, where the androids can be barricaded out for a little while, then they can come up with another plan.

On the moon, Yeta is chained in a dark room.  No one has bothered to take her simple knife from her, certain that it can cause no harm to a Kandorian.  Brainiac in all his metallic, skeletal glory finally appears to interrogate her.  Against her protests, he insists on removing her mask so that he can put the implant on the back of her neck.  She protests, but can't stop him.  Her face remains in shadow.

Clark is still walking in Tibet.  And on a whim, thinking of the powers that the kids told him Superman has, he tries to run at super-speed.  Suddenly he starts to cover ground in a flash, moving so quickly that miles disappear every second.  He leaps and he finds himself so high in the sky that he's frightened, and he comes back to the ground with a crash -- but of course, he's unharmed.  He starts to enjoy himself a little as he runs, speeding past India, then crossing into Europe and approaching the Atlantic Ocean.

On the roof of the Daily Planet, Lois, Jimmy, Perry are being given the up-and-up by Mini-Brainiac.  Once they all get what's going on, at least as much as he does, they decide that they're right and that Superman isn't really dead.  They just need to get his attention somehow and bring him back.  As the androids pound at the door (Mini-Brainiac is fighting to hold them back), they all feel a rushing wind and hear a strange roaring sound.  Jimmy wonders if it isn't Superman returning when they hear a voice tell them they've gotten even luckier than that.  Luthor, in an invisibly cloaked gyrocopter, decloaks and lands on the roof of the building before their very eyes.

Clark is just now reaching the Atlantic Ocean.  He slows to a stop and tries to figure out how to cross it quickly if he can't fly yet.  The sound of Jimmy's signal-watch is getting clearer and he remembers now that it means someone close to him is in danger.  He takes a deep breath and starts to run across the water, surging eastward.

Back on the roof of the Planet everyone is at first suspicious that Luthor is behind this whole mess somehow, but Luthor assures them that Brainiac's methods aren't really his style.  Luthor doesn't feel any need to control the minds of every single being in the universe, he'd just like them to all recognize him as their superior and give him a lot of money in exchange for the wonderful things he can give them.  Perry begrudgingly admits that Luthor is probably telling the truth, at least as he sees it.  Luthor offers them a chance to escape on his gyrocopter and after a moment's hesitation, they take him up on the offer.

First, however, Lois makes Lex do something.  She knows that even though the city is without power, Lex probably knows a way to light up the Daily Planet globe.  Lex doesn't understand why she wants him to do this, but he's intrigued so he does it.  He does ask why -- she says (just a little bitterly) that if you really want to bring Superman back, you have to let him know that what's most important to him -- the planet -- is in danger.

Lex asks as they light up the globe, "What happened to Clark Kent?  Was he killed or captured by the androids?"  Lois replies, "You know Clark.  Always hiding."

Running across the Atlantic Ocean, Clark's super-eyes are zeroing in on his destination -- Metropolis.  The skyline is black and cold, though he can see the occasional flash or explosion.  Suddenly, one point of light bursts into blazing radiance and the familiarity of the sight of the Daily Planet globe unlocks more memories.  He searches with his telescopic vision and finds Lois' face.  He smiles -- but then frowns as he spots a few Kandorians detaching from the fight above the city, aiming themselves at Luthor's gyrocopter.  He starts to speed up.

Luthor has a machine that tells him that his gyrocopter is now being followed by Kandorians.  He mutters how much he hates using some of his best weapons if it isn't on Superman, and then he unleashes an arsenal of traps designed to take down Kryptonians, including red-sun-ray-generating-webs, kryptonite missiles and at last a knife that he explains he stole from the Amazons.  That last one lets a Kandorian get close enough that the gyrocopter is rocked by the fight, and Lois falls out of it.

Clark sees this from the Atlantic as he nears the east coast of North America.  He pours on the speed, leaps and catches her in mid-air.  Girl saved, he then proceeds to help Lex with the Kandorian, who is causing major problems with a magical knife sticking out of his leg, thrashing around.

Of course, this means that everyone has seen Clark Kent, wearing his glasses, perform some super-feats.  They are all shocked.  Lois gasps, Jimmy looks like he doesn't get it, Perry looks irritated, and Lex just shouts, "No!  Nononononono!  You have not been making a fool out of me all these years!"  Lois frowns, too, and says, "You mean a fool out of us."

Clark tries to apologize and explain, but Mini-Brainiac points out that this isn't really the time.  They all hide in the ruins a bombed building as Clark gathers up the unconscious Kandorians -- one of them being Luiah.  While Lois stares daggers at Clark, Lex and Mini-Brainiac set about trying to figure out the device implanted in Luiah's neck that's controlling her.  Lex seems to think it's pretty rudimentary technology, hardly worthy of anyone calling themselves a world-conqueror.  He's pretty sure he can get it off of her.  Getting it off of her without killing her, on the other hand, is harder.  Mini-Brainiac is especially distressed to learn this, wondering how he came to be the enslaver of the being he cares about the most.

Mini-Brainiac says that the only way to save the implanted people safely will be to shut down the communication core, which is a part of Brainiac's body.  This will free the Kandorians and Humans from control, as well as shutting down all of the androids.  Superman nods and then prepares to -- against his better judgement -- leap to the moon (as he can't really remember how to fly).  Everybody tells him he should change into his costume first.  His secret might be out, but the big red S is still inspiring.  He agrees, and goes off to change.

Lois interrupts his changing and helps him put on his cape.  She says she's still mad at him, but she's always wanted to do that and she's not passing up her chance.

Superman -- because now, he really is Superman -- gives her a wink as he leaps.  And now, it seems that he can fly a bit better than he thought he could.  At nearly the speed of light he passes through the battlefield, streaking past the amazed faces of Kandorians, Justice Leaguers and Brainiac-androids equipped with jetpacks.  He breaks through Brainiac's defenses, dodging countless tendrils coming from the shell over the surface of the moon, and flies like a bullet straight into the right eye of the huge skull, his super-senses telling him exactly where to go to find Brainiac.

Brainiac is, at that moment, weaving his own tendrils into the implant he's placed at the back of Yeta's head, trying to force her to tell him where Superman is.  She has refused thus far, but her resolve is weakening.  She feels such shame at her face being exposed and this allows a crack into her psyche that Brainiac can exploit.

Superman bursts through the wall, attacking Brainiac and trying to simply remove Brainiac's mechanical head from the rest of his body.  Brainiac's form is indestructible, though, protected by a force field that even Superman can't break through, at least not with his powers still being a bit odd due to his memory loss.  Brainiac can't really hurt Superman either, though.  So Brainiac controls Yeta, forcing her to attack Superman from behind.  Superman is stunned by the Amazon's strength and she pummels him to the ground.  Brainiac urges her to strike more, to kill Superman.  She draws her knife, a magical Amazon weapon capable of cutting even a Kryptonian.

Yeta refuses.  She's reminded too much of the horrible things she saw under the command of Vandal Savage in Rome.  She turns the knife on Brainiac instead, cutting through his force field and severing his head from his body.  She then collapses, clutching at the back of her head in agony as her implant threatens to kill her.

Brainiac's body continues to fight, grappling with Superman.  Superman grabs on tight and flies through the wall of the skullshell, away from the moon, toward the sun.  The battle between the moon and Metropolis shifts as the Kandorians peel away from the fight, trying to catch Superman before he can reach the sun, but it's too late, he remembers too much now, he's too fast for them.  He plunges into the heat of the sun, to which he knows he's invulnerable.  Brainiac's body tries to fight its way free, but he holds on to it until the sun's energy shatters the forcefield protecting the body and then vaporizes the body instantly.

Everyone with an implant, including Yeta, suddenly collapses.  The androids collapse as well -- including Mini-Brainiac.

The Justice Leaguers catch the Kandorians before they can fall either back to Earth or into the sun, depending on how far they'd gotten and which gravity well they were caught up in.

Superman returns to Earth, stopping by the moon to pick up Brainiac's head (which is swearing a great deal -- or just being mean, I suppose, since this is the Silver Age) and Yeta (he's thoughtful enough to put her mask back on).  He sets Yeta down gently next to Liuah, who is having her implant removed by Lex.  He also drops Brainiac's head rather unceremoniously on a rock.  As Liuah opens her eyes, she immediately starts to cry and apologize for ever having agreed to become Brainiac's slave.  She just wanted out of the bottle city so much.

Lex is seeing to Yeta as Liuah continues to apologize.  Yeta awakens without her implant and hears the end of Liuah's agonized wailing, as Liuah has just discovered that Mini-Brainiac has, in effect, sacrificed his life (mechanical though it may have been) to save her.  Yeta tells Liuah that people have done worse things for a lesser cause, and that some day she will learn to forgive herself.

At that, the Justice League arrives, and in front of them is Wonder Woman, battered and bruised from days of fighting Kryptonians, but still looking like a majestic Goddess.  Yeta kneels and Wonder Woman tells her to get up.  Yeta says she can't look the Princess of the Amazons in the face after what she's done, and Wonder Woman wraps her in the golden lasso of truth.  Wonder Woman asks Yeta if she's truly sorry for what happened, and Yeta says she is.  Wonder Woman asks if Yeta is wiser now, and Yeta says she is.  Wonder Woman asks if Yeta should forgive herself after all this time, and Yeta says she should, and then agrees to return to the Amazons.

Liuah threatens Brainiac's head with Yeta's knife, telling him that if he doesn't return function to Mini-Brainiac without awakening all of the soldier androids, she'll carve up his brain.  Lex says that'll never work, everybody knows Superman won't let him do that, he's too much of a super-wuss, but Superman doesn't say anything.  He just watches.  Lex gulps, and Brainiac awakens Mini-Brainiac.  Mini-Brainiac has earned a Kryptonian name (I'll think of it later) and his "death and rebirth" have given him telepathic powers such that he doesn't require the implants.

Of course, this still leaves the problem of Lois, Jimmy, Perry and most importantly Lex knowing Superman's secret identity.  Mini-Brainiac, though, is pretty sure he can erase all of their memories.  Lex says that Superman's insistence on a secret identity just goes to show what a coward he really is.  Superman explains to Perry, Jimmy and Lois that the problem is that he can't have anyone knowing because if any of them, especially Lois, were in danger, Superman can't trust himself.  If someone were to hold Lois hostage, he might sacrifice the world.  Lois cries but agrees, and Mini-Brainiac erases their memories.

Lois sneaks a kiss before her memories fade.  And she tells Superman that if she never really forgets that, it's his own fault.

The Kandorians fix the moon and repair as much of the damage as possible.  Liuah tells Superman that they and Mini-Brainiac will return to Kandor, shrinking down again, as punishment for what they've done.  They all swear not to abandon the city again until Superman finds a way to enlarge the entire city and all of its inhabitants.  Superman notes that there really isn't a lot of legal precedent of what to do when someone lets themselves be mind-controlled into taking over the world, so that should do, for now at least.

Superman then changes back into Clark, who appears out from underneath some rubble, claiming to have been trapped.  Lois, her memories altered, mutters that he was probably hiding.  He admits that he may have been, a little bit.

Lex Luthor, of course, only remembers having helped when Brainiac invaded.  Superman agrees and says that he won't go back to jail for that.  Lex Luthor is surprised and asks what the catch is.  Superman says that Lex still has to go back and serve the seventy-three consecutive life-sentences he's already racked up.  Lex sighs and points out that while he's in jail, he's stuck doing humiliating manual labor, whereas if he were free he could use his vast intellect for such glorious things.

Superman waves to Lois as he carries Lex back to prison, and tries to explain to Lex that it's not about the glory.  They argue as they fly, both of them getting irritated with each other.

The end.
King Krypton
Superman Family
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« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2005, 01:45:48 AM »

I'd open with a brief recap of the origin, which would lead into the big mystery that drives the story...

Why did the Council of Elders wantonly ignore the warnings of one of their most trusted and respected members, even when presented with hard evidence that Krypton was going to explode?

That question's been nagging at Superman's mind for years. For the life of him, he can't figure out why the Council was so bent on disregarding Jor-El's findings. Simple arrogance doesn't wash with him; he's convinced there's more to it than that. So, by accessing what he knows of Krypton's history and by using the Phantom Zone as a portal to Krypton's past, he sets out to learn exactly why Krypton was allowed to be destroyed. Unfortunately, the answer is far uglier than he could ever have anticipated; not only did General Zod manipulate and mind-control the Council into rejecting Jor-El, but he was responsible for Krypton's destruction in the first place and escaped to the Phantom Zone to save his own skin! Now Superman is faced with double jeopardy: not only does he face the painful choice of saving Krypton or allowing history to take its course, but the present-day General Zod has cut off Superman's only way home and is taking advantage of his absence to wreak havoc on Earth. The story ends with Superman making the heartbreaking decision to let Krypton die in order to save Earth from Zod, with Zod being cast back to Krypton's past to die in the explosion, and with Superman left emotionally devastated by the events at hand.

(It's long been my opinion that it would be cool if Zod destroyed Krypton as payback for his failed coup, so that's where this idea came from.)

My first novella, Wounds of the Heart (, has been published. Check it out, if you like.
Superman Emergency Squad
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« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2005, 11:06:28 AM »


This story begans with a "Metroplis Mouthpiece" (the city's talboid) "DOOMSDAY KILLS SUPERMAN". We pan out to see that his idea line is on Daily Planet's City Room Editor Perry White's City Room" desk. Perry, Lois and Jimmy. are all taking about the missing "Action Aces", Superman and Supergirl.  Jimmy jokes that it will take a decade for him to convice him Superman is REALLY dead. Jimmy points some different between the Doomsdays. The MM's Doomday is bald-headedl, muscle arms, and blue shorts.  The DP's photo of the Doomsday has blonde hair, mulse legs, and a blue skirt. He's laughed at thinking Tanya Cimoc's photo is of a "Doomsgirl".

Upset, Jimmy heads out to to find the two Doomsdays and he founds them in a empty pool. It's turns out the MM's DD is really Kal-El, the Superman--and the DP's D.D. is Kara Zor-El, Supergirl. Jimmy tries to help them out into trying to speak--but they can't speak their Kryptonain names or their Super-indentity--but they can speak as their regualar humans--but they have all of their super-powers. They need for Jimmy to convice it--but neither Daily Planet's Perry White nor the "Metroplis Mouthpiece" editor doesn't expect that D.Ds are the "Action Aces". Jimmy has a idea that can help them--and using a Time Bubble that Superman created--heads into the future and askes the Legion of Superhero to locate the Totem Pole that he used to make a magic Supergirl years ago. It's doesn't take long for them to locate and give it to Jimmy.

Back in the past, Jimmy's new three wishes are the following: first he transforms himself into the real Clark Kent for the week.-and is shock to discovers that he has Kryptonian powers. Jimmy assumes correctly that Clark Kent is SUPERMAN!  Using the Clark Kent, he's is to write the story that reveals the two D.Ds  are Superman and Supergirl. Since, of course, since Clark is adult, he's gets more of a weclome for the story. Jimmy's Superman is hold up a few times--by Ross Inc's hired hands--who are playing on killing the D.D. with out knowing "Action Aces!", but Jimmy's damages Ross guys' Kryptonite guns so badly that it would take Lex Luthor months to repair all of  100 of them. Afterwoods,  Ross is told that facts that the D.D. are the "Action Aces". Ross assumes that Jimmy has wished him as the real Clark Kent because that Ross know Clark Kent was alien--since the fateful camp out in the Kent's year when Superman was a Superboy. Ross as a theory has on the identity of Supergirl, but he's not 100% sure on. He tells Jimmy to wished himself as the real Linda Lee Danvers, Clark Kent's cousin. Jimmy does that in front of Pete Ross--and gets Kryptonian powers. Jimmy assumes that Pete is correct. Jimmy leaves--but he discovered by Anna and Donald Danvers, Linda's parents. They tried to get him to tell him where Superman is. Using a spare Supergirl out, he takes the Danvers to see two D.D.s.

Now, with the world knowing that the D.D. are the "Action Aces", we wonder what's up. It's turns out that a new  Kryptonite meteor showed up a few months ago--a neon black color. Now, Superman has theory but no proof on it. His theory is Black Kryptonite is Red Kryptonite for keeps. Jimmy is worried that if he wishes them back to normal Superman may hyposite Jimmy into forgeting Superman's idea--and decides on sleep on it. Jimmy has a weird dream that all of Superman's villians retired--and Clark is  fired from job by Perry White for no "Superman" stories. That next morning, Jimmy wishes for Superman and Supergirl to have their normal bodies.

It's turns out these aren't the normal Superman and Supergirl! The Black Kryptonite was a HOAX!  Long time ago, when Superman was a Superboy,Superboy leaded them to a planet created by freak-version of Red Kryptonite! They were Phantom Zoners, Wala Lon-Zi and Kin-Ga, who has been faking the "Action Aces". Superman's animal remarks forced them to become the creature alien animals. It's turns out that Superman and Supergirl had meet up with another freak-version of Red Kryptonite that transformated them into living brains!! To prevent trouble from him, they beam Jimmy into the Phantom Zone, where he are meet up with Mon-El. Mon-El reveals that the Kryptonian cousins hadn't gotten stomped on since they still at the Fortess of Solitude. Mon-El reveals that one of Kryptonian's goddess is here. It's turns out it's Telle, goddess of Wisdom--and it's turns out Jimmy's totem pole WAS an ancient Kryptonian OBJECT created by her centuries ago. For using it for Superman, a Kryptonian twice--even know the second was a evil one faking him--she opens the Phantom Zone to a location that the vile ones won't find him.

Now, in disguses as Superman and Supergirl, Wala [Disgused as "Supergirl"]Lon-Zi and Kin-Ga [Disused as "Superman"] tricks the Justice League of America into space--then start their rain of choas--freeding some of Superman's foes in jails--such as the Toyman, the Prankster, and of course--the most dangerous of the them--the greatest evil genius of them all--Lex Luthor!  Summoning the Coluian Computeriod, Brainic, he plots his lastest master peicce, Lex Luthor breaks into the Metroplis's Superman Measum and steals his own armor--much to the police officers shock.

Suprizing, Jimmy ends up in the Bottle City of Kandor--and vist Van-Ze, Superman's other cousin. He aslo meet up with a new
Look-Like Squad Member, Mij-Yi. Mij is Jimmy's new Kandorian doublel--and tells that Superman's brain can't active his robots. Jimmy come up with an SUPER-IDEA! Mij-Yi reveals that his neighbor is a god--but he only going to God name to a  Earthling. Jimmy enter the HOUSE--and is shock to see Kal-El look-like out with blazing red-hair.  It's turns out this red-hair look-like of Superman is RAO! The Major God of Krypton! The God summons the air-filled orbs for the two Kryptonian brains. Even know full cloning was illegal on Krypton, that doesn't mean that semi-cloning wasn't.  Using Van-Ze's body and Mira Gun-Le's [Another Kandorian twin of Kara Zor-El.] bodies as a guide, they are create all but a ONE more objects--the only one of the two illegal organ to clone--the heart. Of course, the other is the brain. Lucky, Rao insults the new hearts into the new bodies. After insulting the Kal-El and Kara's brain Now back to normal, Zor-El hands Superman and Supergirl the Supercostumes--and explains why Wala and Kin were in the Phantom--for stealing the wheels from the Comic Clock. Superman recalls that the same clock that maked the Council disarged with Jor-El!  

Back on Earth, the Action Aces find and defeat their twins with super-ease. Wala reveals that SHE doesn't wanted Jor-El to know the wheels WERE fake! She created them years ago--to replace the damaged wheels from mystery objecte. She reveals the Council Member at boss here was that Lady Gina Zu-Yi. It's turns that Mij-Yi's  MOTHER! Lady Gina's BUILT the COMIC CLOCK--and the FIRST THING it producationed was the explosion OF KRYPTON! It's turns out that the wheel's recordings were damaged by a GREEN KRYPTONITE METOR! Gina's Kryptonian council placed sheild orbs in the center of Krypton to prevent. What was assumed to the hoax Black Kryptonie was one of the Sheild Orbs--and Gina's attempt to protect Kryptonian backfired on her. Kara mentions that Gina's attempts to do good while on the Science Council seemed to backfire on her. Gina is a little sorry--but Kal-El's stated even he makes mistakes.

Now with that done, all the Action Aces need to do is to get recatchw=ed the villains that the Wala and Kin free. At the same, Lex
sends a  powerful robot--but not as powerful as the Action Aces--who knock Lex Luthor's gang for few loops. Superman drops Lex's gang of a prison--while remarking that Lex is still wearning his prision uniform. Now, the only thing is Jimmy's knowedgle of their identity, Jimmy assumes the forget--but he's shocked--when Superman decides it's "OK!" for to now--and Jimmy's makes a new promise to keep their sercet identities to himself. He aslo tells the "Action Aces", that Pete Ross knows about their sercet indenties. Kara and Kal had a talk with Pete with allows him to keep his knowedgle of their identity as well.  Now, with JLA back, Superman explains the truth of the matter--while Kara takes and burries the totem pole in the center of the Earth.  

A few days later, Kal-El and Kara depuzzled the Totem Pole's history--and it's coming like this:

1 - Totem Pole created by Telle.
2 - Totem Pole is blow away from Krypton by it's explosion--avoiding the Kryptonite fate.
3 - Jimmy gets the Totem Pole from the Legion of Superhoroes
4 - Kara Zor-El burries the object in the past.
5 - Native Americans find the Totem Pole
5 - Jimmy gets Totem Pole from Native American Socialist
6 - Jimmy's first three wishes.
7 - Jimmy's second three wishes.


Logging off,
Dr. Thinker
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« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2005, 08:05:34 PM »

If I were to plot/write All-Star Superman? Hmm....let's see

All Star Superman #1

A strange ailment has befallen the citizens of Metropolis. People will die unless the Man of Steel can find the cause and the cure...FAST! But when Superman discovers that the crisis is connected to his past, he must go back through time to relive his life from the destruction of Krypton, leading up to the present day and uncover the dangerous clues before Metropolis is doomed! Be here to witness..."Superman On Earth!"

All Star Superman #2

A man thought lost returns home to a welcoming family, only for them to realize that all is not what it seems. Everyone knows that "daddy" is somehow different. What they do not know is that he was taken off this planet to somewhere nightmarish and transformed into something far more than human. And now that daddy's back, he has a new purpose in kill the Man of Steel known as Superman! Don't miss..."Behold, the Ultraman!"

All Star Superman #3

Arthur the King has returned from the mists of Avalon! The people of Metropolis celebrate him as their new hero as he leads them to a new golden age! Superman believes that there is more to this than meets the eye and discovers a darker, more malevolent purpose. But can the Man of Steel defeat the King of Legends when he has the power of the people behind him andthe sharp, swift sword that is mighty Excalibur?! Watch as  the titans clash in..."A Metropolis Superman in King Arthur's Court"

More to come soon...
Klar Ken T5477
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Metropolis Prime, NYC, NY USA

« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2005, 01:47:28 AM »

Issue One "A Great  3 Part  Novel!~"

Chapter One:
The Legion of SuperVillains under the control of the Time Trapper travel to the present
they recruit Luthor & Brainiac (who have their own agendas)

Step1 alter the time stream
Step 2 strand Superman under a red sun in the far future
Step 3 destroy the Legion so their present/ future will condemn Superman in the far future where he has no super-powers

All seems lost as the villains plan is a apparent success
it is VanZee, Superman's double from Kandor, trapped in the far future!
And the Legion of Super Heroes escape in a time bubble to Smallville!~
If only they can find Insect Queen Lana Lang in time ....
Chapter 3:
Superman,Supergirl and Krypto foil the villains
by creating a planet of lifelike androids that looks just like Earth!
and disguising themselves as JimmyOlsen, Lois Lane and Streaky
They soon capture the LSV but Luthor escapes to Lexor
Brainiac disassembles himself as a bucket of bolts and hides in a toolshed

TheTime Trapper unleashes the Iron Curtain of Time
Saturn Girl attempts to warn the present from the past but cant be understood
Krypto abruptly disappears into the time stream and returns as a collie!
Brainiac applies for a job at the Daily Planet!

End of First Issue

NEXT: When Centuries Collide!
SEE:Kandor's Last Stand!
SEE:The Trial of Brainiac!
THRILL TO the fight between Superman &  Superboy!
WHAT is the strange effect of Krytonite Slime upon Jimmy???
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