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Author Topic: John Byrnes Superman  (Read 8474 times)
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« Reply #16 on: May 08, 2005, 08:59:17 AM »

This are the limits to John Byrnes Superman powers from the info thatI have.

Super Strength: He can easily lift the great Pyramid (5,750,000 tons); He can lift about 40 billion tons (a mountain the size of Metropolis). Supermen strength is based on will power. Nevertheless the man of steelís strength is tempered by an instinctive control of his formidable might.

Invulnerability: A tank cannon can hurt him. He can handle a few megatons and stay awake. He can survive a 40-megaton nuke at point blank (He was Knocked out for an hour). He can handle any temperatures from Ė400 to 3,000F easily (11,000F can burn him). He is immune to all diseases (except ones that have to do something with Kryptonite).

Force Field: Supermanís body naturally generates a force field that enhances his invulnerability. It is only mere millimeters from his skin. The force field ability does not manifest itself through conscious effort by superman. The field seems to allow objects to pass though it, however, it is evident that it affords protection to Supermanís skin costume is only torn by the most powerful blast and magical energy/ creatures.

Super Speed: Superman is capable of enhanced reflex action and the ability to move at incredible speeds. He can run at 2,000 miles per second (little over 1% of the speed of light/ 7,200,000 MPH).

Flight: Superman is capable of flying at 2,000 miles per second. His control of his flight is perfect and he can even perform aerobatic feats such as hovering, flying backwards and even lifting great weights while flying. He can lift incredible weights while flying and objects and not have them collapse under their own weight, because a powerful form of telekinesis surrounds the object protecting it from out side stress, objects weight less when he flies with them, because he is no longer using strength, but flying it the way he makes himself fly by sheer force of will. It is because his force field cancels out gravity on him and what he is lifting (he can easily fly with any thing he can lift, because of the cancellation).

Heat Vision: He may project beams of force that are capable of gentle warmth to temperatures of 11,000 degrees, sufficient to melt steel in seconds.

Telescopic Vision: He can see thousands of miles away.

Microscopic Vision: Superman has the ability see at a cellular level.

X-ray Vision: He can see through anything (except lead).

Infrared Vision: Enable him to see heat and heat travels. He can also see in the dark with this.

Super Hearing: Superman has the ability to hear at a degree that exceeds any terrestrial creature. He can hear decibel levels that humans cannot pick up and can fight using the heartbeat breath of an opponent. He can also hear in a range far better than that of the best or man-made sensors. His hearing is so acute and precise he can detect a whisper at 500 yards, but Superman can actually hear some sounds (maybe some shouts) 1,000 miles away.

Super Breath: He can condense the air in his lungs to a super-cold state and blow it out to freeze opponents or he can also exhale a super-gust or air. He can hold his breath for long periods of time up to 2 hours.

Leaping Ability: Superman can hurdle a mountain (at least 2,00 feet)

Kryptonite: It quickly reduces his ability to access his powers. As kryptonite radiation makes its way through the bloodstream, a kryptonian becomes instantly weak and ill in its unshielded presence, and prolonged exposure will render him or her unconscious (after 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the sample), and will eventually (after 2 to 4 hours) reach all parts of his body and bring death.

Magic: Superman is powerless against magic of any kind.

Loss of solar power: It wound take months for Superman to weaken, and perhaps years to become human like.
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