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Author Topic: who would win in a fight Superman or Supergirl?  (Read 5300 times)
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« Reply #8 on: September 08, 2005, 10:08:03 PM »

here's another great big quote of Supergirl beating some thugs NOTE  has PG-13 rating for language and violence
SUPER: Present time. Earth.

Two police cruisers park next to the entrance of the store.
Four uniformed COPS stand next to their patrol cars, aiming
their guns at the store.

                    COP #1
          Drop your weapons and come out!

A moment later the THUG shows his face at the door. He drags
a WOMAN along with him, pointing his gun at her forehead.

          Get the hell outta my face or she's

The Thug comes out of the store, dragging the woman, who
looks scared to death.

                    COP #1
          Let the hostage go. You don't want
          to add kidnapping to your charges,
          do you?

          I said get the hell outta my face
          or the female dog is history!

The Cops lower their guns.

                    COP #2
          Calm down. There's no need to be
          hasty. We can resolve this
          peacefully. Nobody needs to get

          Are you stupid? Get the hell outta
          my face. You think I won't kill
          her, eh?! I'll kill her!

The Thug presses his gun against the Woman's face.

                    THUG (CONT'D)
          I'll kill her. You hear! I'll kill

                    FEMALE VOICE (O.S.)
          That makes no sense, you know.

Everyone turns to the source of the voice. Standing a dozen
yards away from the scene is SUPERGIRL. Arms folded, looking
as cool and confident as it gets.

                    SUPERGIRL (CONT'D)
          I mean, you have here four cops,
          willing and able to shoot you. And
          the only reason they haven't shot
          you yet is that they're afraid of
          hitting the hostage. But if you
          kill the hostage, you'd not only be
          adding murder to your charges,
          you'd be losing the one protection
          you have. See, it makes no sense to
          kill her.

The Thug looks nervous for a second. He swallows hard. Then
he presses his gun further into the Woman's face.

          Don't move a muscle or she's dead.

          You weren't listening, were you?
               (to the Woman)
          You might want to close your eyes
          right about now.

The Woman closes her eyes.

          Don't move a --

With lightning speed, Supergirl rushes to the Thug. She
frees the Woman and squeezes the Thug's hand that holds the

The Thug falls to his knees, screaming in pain. Supergirl
easily takes the gun away and crushes it.

Everyone is startled by the speed of this. The Woman stands
in the same place she was when the Thug held her, still with
her eyes closed. The Cops stand still, staring at the scene
with dumbfound expressions.

               (to the Cops)
          I think you guys can take it from

She lifts the Thug back to his feet by his hand and pushes
him toward the Cops. The Thug is screaming all the way.

          AAHH! My hand! She broke my hand!

          I didn't break you hand, you wimp.

The Cops cuff the Thug.

          My Hand! My hand! She broke it!

          You better shape up, you know. You
          won't last ten minutes in jail with
          that attitude.

here's a good linda one (she's being interviewed by the person below):
BELLA DIAZ, mid-thirties, former beauty queen and former
weather girl, now a reporter, stands with her Cameraman a
couple of yards away from Linda and Tina. She nods to the
Cameraman and heads for them, microphone in hand.

          What do you think of Supergirl? Do
          you think she's planning to stay in

Linda and Tina are startled by this. They hadn't noticed

Then Tina smiles at the camera. She looks really excited.

          Oh, I think it's way cool. I really
          hope she decides to stay here.

          So you're a fan of Supergirl?

          A huge one. I just hope I get to
          see her fighting some really huge
          monsters or something. That'd be
          sooo cool.

Linda gives her a look that says: "excuse me?"

Bella turns the microphone to Linda, taking her by surprise.

          And what do you think about

          Eh... I think she's cool.

          You don't sound very excited about

          It's just that I lived in
          Metropolis for a while. The whole
          thing kinda grows old on you.

          It grows old? What do you mean?

          You know, the first week you're
          there you're like --

She points at something outside of camera, while she looks
like a really excited six-year-old, literally jumping with

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          Look! There's goes Superman! I love
          you Superman!
               (blows a kiss)
          I love you!
          By the second week you're like --

She looks less excited than a moment ago.

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird.
          No, it's a plane. No, it's....
          Ah, it's just Superman.
          By the third week, you're like --

She follows with her eyes an imaginary Superman flying over
her head, with a completely expressionless face.

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          There he goes again.
          And after a month you're like --

She looks angrily at the imaginary Superman flying over her
head. She shakes her fist at him.

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          Why don't you get a job?! Stop
          buzzing over our heads like a
          freaking giant fly. Some people are
          trying to sleep here!

Tina chuckles. Linda looks at Bella with a self-satisfied

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          You know. It grows old on you.

Bella stares at her for a long moment, as if saying: "what a

          So you don't want Supergirl around,
          is that it?

          Oh no, I want her to stay. I'm just
          tired of the people in the media
          trying to make a profit out of her
          presence here. I'm sure she finds
          it really annoying. And if she
          decides to move away from Midvale,
          I'm pretty much going to blame you
          for it.

Bella scowls at Linda, and looks like she wants to hit her
with the microphone. Then she turns around, motions her
Cameraman to follow her and walks away.

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
          So, when are you going to show this

Bella glances back without stopping.

          Right after your acceptance speech
          at the Oscars.


Linda, Mark and Tina walk through the large hall in the
middle of the mall.

Tina is telling Mark what Linda said to Bella before. She
shakes her fist at an imaginary Superman flying over her

          Why don't you get a job? Stop
          buzzing over our heads like a giant

Mark chuckles, and turns to Linda.

          Did you really say all that?

          What can I say? I was on a roll.

          I'm impressed.

          Bah. I knew it wasn't live and
          there's no way they'll show that.

          And being two hundred miles away
          from Metropolis didn't hurt either.

          Yeah, I can imagine that one. Linda
          sees Superman flying and yells "why
          don't you get a job?" Superman
          hears her and lands next to her and
          says --

Mark gets in Linda's face and glares menacingly at her.

                    MARK (CONT'D)
          Got something to say to me, little

          No, no, no. Superman doesn't glare
          at people. That would be Batman.
          Superman just hovers ominously over
          people and gives them the Clint
          Eastwood squint. Like this.

Linda folds her arms and stares at Mark with a steely glare.
The change is very subtle, yet she looks imposing and

                    LINDA (CONT'D)
               (mock macho)
          Wanna trade jobs with me for a day?

Mark stares back at her, trying to hold her eyes. A staring
contest. It lasts ten seconds and ends with both of them

          You're good.

          I practice.

Mark continues to stare at Linda. There's electricity there.

          That'd be so cool. You know, to be
          Supergirl for a day.

          You think?

          Of course.

          Really? Imagine that you're
          Supergirl for a moment. Imagine
          that you have powers beyond your
          imagination. Everyone tells you
          they love you and that they want to
          be your friends. Everyone tells you
          that you're doing a great job
          saving the world and everything.
          But how do you know they really
          like you? How do you know if
          someone is a real friend or not?
          How do you know they're not just
          sucking up to you so you'd continue
          to risk your life every day to save
          their butts? How would you know who
          your real friends are?

Tina's smile fades. Linda looks at Mark with a new sense of

          That's really deep, you know.

Mark notices Linda's expression. He puts his arm around
Tina's shoulders and talks like a father in a fifties

                    MARK (CONT'D)
          You know, I try so hard to turn
          this lovely young girl into a woman
          all by my lonesome. And sometimes I
          must admit it all seems too hard.
          Life is just too overwhelming for
          such a caring, loving older brother
          like myself, but I made a promise
          to take good care of her and I
          intend --

Tina elbows Mark on the ribs.

          Shut up. You're so full of it.

They chuckle.


The apartment is dark so we can't see much of it.

A moment later, the door opens and Linda walks in. She turns
on the light.

The apartment is practically empty. Not a single chair or
table. Only a naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Linda looks at the apartment for a moment, then sighs.

          I'm really gonna have to get
          furniture at some point.

 here's supergirl saving mark's life...the last line's really funny:EXT. STREET

Supergirl still stands next to the woman she just rescued.
She hears the hypnotic sound and tries to locate its source,
with no success.

Some people stand around her, congratulating her and asking
her questions and autographs. She's not listening to them.

Then we hear the bus' horn.

Supergirl turns to it and sees the bus going at full speed,
heading for a small school. A dozen children stand in front
of the school, waiting for their parents to come and pick
them up.

Supergirl takes off after the bus.

We see Dylan stare at her, then he crosses the street and
signals another bus, going the other way.

Supergirl catches up to the first bus and sees the Bus
Driver, looking hypnotized and apparently unaware of what
he's doing.

She grabs the bus and tries to stop it. The Bus Driver
continues with his foot on the accelerator.

The bus quickly slows down, its wheels spinning in place.
The metal begins to bend where Supergirl is holding it.

Then she kicks the front of the bus, smashing its motor. The
wheels stop moving, but the Bus Driver doesn't seem to
notice any of this.

Supergirl flies next to his window and knocks on it. No
reaction. Then she claps her hands together, and the Bus
Driver seems to wake up.

Then we hear the hypnotic sound again. Supergirl turns
around, but she can't locate it.

A moment later we hear another bus stepping on the gas. The
bus is headed straight for the outdoors cafe where Mark
still stands, gawking at Supergirl, like everyone around

The bus heads straight for Mark at full speed. He sees it
when it's only a dozen yards away and covers his head with
his arms while he screams in terror.

Supergirl comes at the last second and lifts the bus over
her head, saving him.

Mark is still frozen in place, covering his head (he didn't
notice Supergirl). She eyes him curiously for several
seconds, still holding the bus over her head with one hand;
the bus' wheels still spinning at full speed. She smiles.

          You can look now. You're safe.

Mark slowly turns around, peeking at the scene with one eye.
He sees Supergirl holding the bus, lets out a sigh of relief
and falls to his hands and knees, panting heavily.

The bus' wheels continue to turn as the driver is still
hypnotized and still stepping on the gas. Supergirl uses her
heat vision to melt the motor, then she puts down the bus
and flies up to the driver's window, claps her hands (waking
up the driver) then lands next to Mark, who's still panting
like an old dog.

She eyes him for a couple of seconds before she speaks.

                    SUPERGIRL (CONT'D)
          Do you want me to take you to a

He pants for a few seconds before speaking, not turning to
her yet.

          I'm okay.... it's that... I
          actually... saw my life flashing
          before my eyes... thank you.

          My pleasure. Sure you don't need a

          No need.... thanks....

          Just take deep breaths. Try to

          Funny thing... I saw my life
          flashing and everything.... all I
          could think about... was that I'm
          out of milk.

Supergirl stares at him for a moment, then chuckles.

...ok ...that's enough for now.....sorry.. if i didn't do this without Ronn A Mann's's just a really great script...Hey Ronn! if you're reading this...make some more stuff like this...i love it....also DarkMark's stuff is really good too with the Buffy crossover and everything....sorry if i'm rambling...but i love this stuff!!!

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« Reply #9 on: September 12, 2005, 01:31:55 AM »

Well, thanks for the plug, anyway.  The real Supergirl (Earth-One's Kara Zor-El) stated it flatly in an old Legion story that Superboy (and later Superman) was stronger than her because a normal boy was stronger than a normal girl.  There would be no convincing reason for them to fight, though, except for mind-control.  I'm also not eager to see such a scenario.  So much for that.

I'm a BIG writer of fanfic, much of it about Supergirl but covering lots of characters in lots of comic universes.  Check the stories out at and at .
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« Reply #10 on: September 13, 2005, 12:41:32 AM »

Dark Mark, you have a lot of great websites!

Everything you ever wanted to
know about the classic Superman:
The Encyclopedia of Supermanic Biography!
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« Reply #11 on: September 22, 2005, 07:20:08 AM »

Thanks a bunch, Telle!

I'm a BIG writer of fanfic, much of it about Supergirl but covering lots of characters in lots of comic universes.  Check the stories out at and at .
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