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Author Topic: soongs i wrote over the summer hope you like 'em  (Read 3786 times)
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"Be happy, not crappy"- my personal quote

« on: September 09, 2005, 04:47:38 AM »

I've gotten really great comments, for the song softspoken, i wrote on another's all three of them The first one is called Softspoken and yes it's about my family problems over the summer
this is the Final edit for softspoken...hopefully


Chorus/Verse 1

I try to speak, i know that it's ubsurd, because i know that i can't be heard. ' cause i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken.

Verse 2

Everytime you argue with mom, i try not to cry or i go downstairs and turn away. Your heart's cold and clenched while mine is fragile and drenched. My soul is my fire my only desire is that it shouldn't be broken 'cause i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken

Verse 3

Everytime i say a word, you shout and say that's ubsurd but i know that it isn't. I can't help that my soul is bleeding and that i'm needing a father

Verse 4

One day i talked to you on the phone you said that you were alone but really you weren't. I tried talking to you but you wont listen. My heart said that you won't be missin' me. Because i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken

Verse 5

You said to mom that you're gonna divorce, i said of couse there's no need of you here, It's because of you i fear, that my heart's contorted and bleeding and that i'm needing a father.I try to speak, i know it's ubsurd,because i know that i can't be heard 'cause i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken

Verse 6

You say that in August you're leaving work for two weeks, Just sit down and THINK...You can't even leave work for two minutes Ohhh...yeah


I wear a microphone in school....yes i know it's cool..i try to speak i know it's ubsurd because (here) i can be heard, but i don't like to in this situation, Because i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken

Verse 8

I cry myself to sleep, just to think that you haven't been here in and out for 17 years of my life it has given me strife and pain for you to think that i'm insane. ohhh...yeah

Verse 9
Next time you call, think twice, 'cause by then i won't play nice. I try to speak, i know that it's ubsurd, because i know that i can't be heard. ' cause i'm so softspoken, yes i'm so softspoken. Your heart and soul is frozen while mine is shatttered and broken And now guess what? i'm not so softspoken anymore...Yes, i'm not so softspoken..... anymore


more new songs Cheesy

changed chords  toan as yet untitled song also.. look at the bottom...the third one's down there somewhere  

Every word i say

Just make it/these feelings go away

And then you turn away

Oh no, i would love to say i told you so but,

i 'd hate to see you go

So now i'll wait before it's too late

You were my father i knew

I also knew that this family's through

So i'm looking for a new day to say...

For now it's o.k. i'll add more when i can...i also made chords that really work this time:D: Am,F,C,G


Look into my mind. see what you wanna find.....I wish i could fly high into the sky...

gonna add more soon...just wait and see

Superman Family
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"Be happy, not crappy"- my personal quote

« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2005, 12:45:57 PM »

here it is:

Do you wanna hear a story
This one's not fantasy, this one's for real
I really don't wanna hear your stories
yours tell me how to deal
I'm telling you, well, this is my story
this is my story and how i feel

Council of Wisdom
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« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2005, 08:26:58 AM »

You seem like a really nice person. But let me tell you a secret about this newsgroup: we're all old.

Sure, there are athletic young stallions full of pep and vigor like Yours Truly, and dynamo he-men like Nightwing, King Krypton, and Captain Kal, and even the cute little baby of our group, ShinDagioh, but then there's also MatterEaterLad, who archeologists are still trying to estimate what geologic age he sprang from.

(No harm meant, MEL - please, PLEASE don't thrash me with your cane.  Cheesy  )

I mean, look at the current discussion in the HALL OF TROPHIES forum. Stuff about Mego Almighty Isis dolls and Aquaman Pepsi glasses and stuff that came in Ovaltine mugs in the 1960s. That's the sort of thing old people talk about.

Notice also, that very few people on this newsgroup post after 10pm. After we take our pills, everything gets so groggy, we forget how to use our computing machines.

Thus, as we are so old, we have a different perspective on things.

So, don't be offended if a post like this doesn't go like gangbusters and kind of slips under everbody's radar.

"Wait, a startling new development, Black Goliath has ripped Stilt-Man's leg off, and appears to be beating him with it!"
       - Reporter, Champions #15 (1978)
Superman Family
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"Be happy, not crappy"- my personal quote

« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2005, 05:05:07 PM »

that's really great to know that i'm not just wondering...y'know the first issue of Supergirl by Peter David i found a  qoute that i could probably use as a song.. here it is.... "Felt like i was suffocating to get out. These memories are flooding though me. It's like see them though a fractured prism,distorted and oddly colored..i'm moving faster...but how can i possibly go fast enough to out ...god. I have no idea how much distance i've covered...been running all over town. and my feet aren't even touching the ground. And then i spot an emergency..and as if i've done this a hundred times..i save him...i saved a life...and the emptinness ever so slightly ebbs. I'm not out of breath..i'm not tired...i'm...I'm not human...What am I?..Yes...yes..i realize now that's the's what's preying on my mind...Minds...Mind.i am[ /b]human that was the point. i have a life so close. i can taste it...what i need now is information...Supergirl.....Cutter runs down the street calling my name..he looks around...He doesn't look up..but i ...i look inward...i see her..i see Supergirl pitched in battle.More than i see..i can  feel the heat intense and rippling.. All the people i've known and loved.they hurtle throuh my mind and they all say 'Accept it.You did your best.You can do no more'.They don't know me.None of them do. Don't know my emptiness. i've had human sensibilities layered onto me. like a brightly painted statue.But that's all i am..For i have looked into my eyes. And i have finally realized. i've never seen anything looking back..We are as one. my morphing body somehow joined with Linda Danvers. I have given her life and she has given me hope...and may God have mercy on my soul."

it's beautiful..can anyone tell me if i can use this as a song?

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