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Author Topic: What would YOU have done?  (Read 18501 times)
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« Reply #32 on: October 21, 2005, 06:25:46 PM »

Quote from: "Gangbuster Thorul"
There needs to be a paradigm shift... something has to happen to disconnect him from Smallville. His character needs a reason to cut off ties with Smallville, to feel that he "can't go home again." While he also kind of shuns Pete and Lana in leaving Smallville, the death of the Kents justifies it.

That's why I suggested instability with his powers.  Good ol' rebellion would work as well.  You see a bit of that in the Smallville TV series.  The sad part is, there aren't many people who could do "rebel teen" Clark very well.  It'd almost hurt me to read it because it'd be so screwed up.
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« Reply #33 on: October 25, 2005, 12:21:42 PM »

Earth-Thinker (Round 2)

It all starts 10 years before the end of Krypton. Krypton was faced with a crime master mind named "Black Zero". Black Zero crimes goes all over illegal
Krypton activity--such as mutanting animals and faking of Kryptonian body organs. Out of opinions, the Science Council create
a Krypton Science Agency to find out who's Black Zero by any means--both legal and illeagal. It's turns out that KSA discovers with in month,
"Black Zero" is Gen. Zod. Gen. Zod is tried--and is proved guilty in the court--thanks to KSA's evidances. Before Zod is sent into the Phantom Zone
as punishment of this crime, he was asked if he had any last works by Jor-El II. Zod laughs as he states the following words: "You may have defeat me--but my defeat
will be the end of Krypton." Zod's words haunt Jor-El II's for most of the life.

Two year after Zod's trail, Jor-El II and his brother, Zor-El are hired by the Council to discovered the reason behind the reason that Krypton been
having shaking.. Normal Kryptonians belive the KSA is history, but a few members of the Council belive the KSA is looking into all matters
of Kryptonian--including the quake shakes. It's takes Jor-El II and Zor-El years to figure out the reason--Krypton's core is being drestory--but they don't
have proof. Lucky, KZ, a member of the KSA shows up--and reveals the facts: Gen. Zod left a mutanted Kryptonain huzang--a human-looking
Kryptonian insect-the base lifeform for all Kryptonians. KZ aslo explains--Doomsday--the KSA's code name for the creature--with finally break out
soon--in a week time. The Council notes it's going to be impossible to get everyone off Krypton or into the Phantom Zone. Jor-El has
answer on that. He had builted two rocket ships before the shut down of the Space Mission Center. The Council worried about the effect
on the very young and very old Kryptonians--make a ruling that Jor-El II and Zor-El can't choice anyone younger then 3 years old and no one older then seventeen. KZ  umasked to revealing a suprize to Jor-El II (and Earth-Thinker's readers)--KZ is Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El tells that she's going the one of the rocket's cargo. Jor-El II has plans for the other rocket--and tells Zor-El is son, Kal-El is three years--he's going in the other rocket. The Council argess--on one contained--the planet, dinosuared-covered Earth is used, and of course, both rockets are soon lauched with their Kryptonian cargo. Kara's rocket is a bit faster--and hits a time vortex before it can closed--meanwhile Kal-El's Kryptonian rocket pasts thought another time vortex out side of Krypton's galaxy.

Soon, Kal-El's rocket computer scans and protects Kal-El's rocket ship from information sattilites in Earth's orbit. Kal-El lands on Earth, in Smallville, Kansas,
were he is founded by the Kents--who adopts him as they own child--as they named him Clark. Clark's powers show themselves quicky--and after quiet a few years--Clark Kent decides to become Superboy. He meets Lena and Lex Luthor, who are genius but in different fields--Lena is a genuis with bussiness, while Lex is a sciencist genius. Soon, there is the famous "fire burns off Lex's hair" that turns Lex into a revenge-sneaking mad doctor. After a year, Lena sercetly discover the reason--the Lex's body is has a rare diease called Kazeingaz. Kaziengaz makes the brain cells super-weak to heat it. Under FBI agents, Lena restore the Lex's brain to it's normal state. Lex
is back to the state he was before his--and he even makes up with Superboy. Depsite some failures by Superboy, Lex brains stays cool off thanks to Lena's work--unknownto Superboy then.

A year later, Larry Luthor, Lex and Lena father's returns. He explains that he's not really saleman, but CEO of a company called Larry Electric
Inc. Since both Lex and Lena were bored in the same year--thought not in the same month--he had a hard time picking his replacement for the company
but events of the previous year, maked it clear that it's going to be Lena Luthor to replace him. Very angry, Lex's brain gets heated up again--and once again
Lex turns to evil--this time for good. For a few months, people tried to find Luthor, but they aren't successfully--even Superboy tries a few time. Soon, all of them
give up. At the same, Larry teaches Lena handle he handle his bussiness.

While Clark is finishing up his last year of high-school in Smallville, he discovers a few of remoted control weapons in the Superboy defeated had a familar making
of LXLR: a code hat reveals Lex Luthor maded the weapons. Lex had been hidding in a lead-cave just out of Smallville. Superboy is handle to catch Lex and
bring him jail for all the crime he did.

Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lena Luthor head off in different directions. Clark Kent to Metroplis U in Metroplis, Lana Lang to Midvale College in Midvale, and Lena Luthor
to recently named, "Lena Electric Inc." HQ in Vanton, New York. Soon, Clark completes the college and becomes a journalist for the "Daily Planet" and meets up with Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen & Tanya Smith. Depsite Lois's ridicous attempts to get her married Superman, and Tanya's troublesome attempts to proof
Clark Kent and Superman are the one and same--Superman has it's too easy with the regualar crooks. Soon, Superman gets
his super-villains such as the following: Lex Luthor, Brainic, Mettalo, Mr. Mxyzpltk, The Toyman, & the Prankster. He aslo joins
the Justice League of America.

About 40 years after his landing, Superman is doing a charity event, when he discovers a rocket heading his way. He is
able to catch the rocket ship--and discovers his neice, Kara Zor-El, inside it. Kara Zor-El is pretty happy to meet her nephew
again--but is shocked that he aged durning her trip. He turns to Smallville to discover that the Kents are dead--but he meets and
discovers that Kent's cousins, the Danvers know about Clark "Superman" Kent--and Kara is given the Danvers--who gives them the
name of Linda Lee Danvers. Soon, after a year of training Kara Zor-El becomes Supergirl, Superman's side-kick...

...And this is where the Earth-Thinker's regular comic book stories begans:

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker
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