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Author Topic: Tyroc: A bad racist joke?  (Read 12085 times)
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Last Son of Krypton
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« Reply #16 on: November 20, 2005, 05:27:30 AM »

As noted, DC has reversed themselves a number of times.  They may be saying right now that they'll never use Hypertime again, but I would imagine that sooner or later another editor and writer will decide to revive the concept.

Superman Emergency Squad
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« Reply #17 on: December 13, 2005, 07:27:33 AM »

Racism , racism everywhere
And not a drop is real
To some there seems to be racism
In every single deal
but then you must recall,
the paper it is white,
and yet without the black words
a book would not be right

I know their is racism and tokenism but don't overthink it.
Shouting is not a black thing or a racist insult in Tyroc.
Black Canary is a blonde white woman who shouts.
Black Bolt is a white man with shouting/speaking powers of destruction.
Syrin, Banshee, Screaming Mimi, and others are all shout/sound powered comic characters who aren't black. so, no I don't think Tyroc's power was racist , just very cool.
His costume. I liked it.
Many black people wear white, even after Labor day. it's not racist.

Which heroes and villains that are black does anybody approve of?
Some say they are all racist portrayals.
To just name a few black comic characters:
1.Storm, Ororo Munroe: I love her , she's got class, even the movie one who seemed to young looking for the Storm I always imagined, still Halle Berry did a fine acting job in XMen 1, and 2
2.T'challa the Black Panther : one of my favorites from 1966.
3. Tyroc
4.Luke Cage , Power Man
5. War Machine/Iron Man: Jim Rhodes
6. Jack in the Box from Astro City
7. The first Captain America
8. The Falcon
9. Blade, Daywalker and the Vampire Hunter
10. Black Lightning
11. Black Vulcan of the Superfriends (ouch)
12. Amanda Waller
13. Amazing Man 1 &2
14.Bronze Tiger
15. Bloodwynd
16. Bloodsport
17.Black Manta
18. Black Racer
19. Stan Lee's Batman
20. Almagam's Amazon(Wonder Woman and Storm)
22. Capt. Marvel from Elseworlds
23  Chunk
24. Steel
25. Crimson Avenger (the female one)
26 Dr Mist
27 Dr Mid-nite 2
28. Cyborg
29. Mal of the Teen Titans
31 the new Firestorm
32. John Stewart, Green Lantern
33. Jake Jordon the new Guardian
34. Freedom Beast/Bwana Beast
35. Brother Voodoo
36. JJ Thunder
37. Josiah Power of the Power Company
38. Joto of the Teen Titans
39 Kid Quantum
40. Mister Miracle 3
41. Mr Terrific the current Mr. Terrific
42. Northwind
43 Orpheus
44. Skyrocket
45. Steel 2.0
46. the tangent: Superman
47 Thunder
48 Vykin the Black
49. WarMonarch

Also since Tyroc's name is really Troy Stewart wouldn't it be cool if he turned out to be the descendant of John Stewart of the JLA and ended up using his dimension powers to travel from his homeland to New York and visit GL.? Might be a cool idea to bring back a good hero, Tyroc.

Remember : wherever you go , there you are.
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