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Author Topic: new Song and rules that i learned from movies...go ahead  (Read 1467 times)
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"Be happy, not crappy"- my personal quote

« on: December 19, 2005, 01:24:30 AM »


Here's a new song for y'all hope ya like it..It's called "My Facade".

This is my facade

This is my skin

You can only tell who i am from within

on the outside i may look happy and show you what i've got but looking from within i'm not

This is my facade

This is my skin

You can only tell who i am from within

I try to live in harmony and balance entwined

but i always end up being in a bind

Like a rope that's tied around me and teathered

i fall softly like a delacate feather

(Then) i find out (that) i'm not always like that

This is my facade

This is my skin

You can only tell who i am from within

i hold my feelings inside

Sometimes i feel like i want ot hide

I hold out my other feelings like a shield

Suddenly walking through hallways is like a bombarded feild

My happines is my armor

There is no softness inside

This is what it feels like to be on the outside

This is my only facade

This is my only skin

You can only tell who i am only from within

Go ahead, look inside my delicate brown eyes
you won't find anything that's (dark) on the outside

Rules that i learned from watching movies
1. Things aren't always what they appear to be.

for instance that little neighborhood dog you always walk by to get home might not always be "Man's best friend"...if you get very close to might tear your clothes to shreds if you don't watch your back.

2. Never go outside with a cape on and try to fly off the roof...believe HUMANS....don't FLY...We'll go SPLAT!...*Foolish Mortal!...**laughs evily** *.....

3. Another thing related to capes: if you're flying near an airplane engine....Good luck to you...You won't be the same WHEN and IF you are coming out the other end...

4. Try to take off and land in an area where your secret can be concealed BAD EXAMPLE: A busy highway GOOD EXAMPLE: an Alleyway

5. Fly high enough so that you CAN'T BE SEEN FROM THE GROUND...You don't want people freaking out about it.

6. Show courtes in all matters involving flight. Never use your ability to fly as a method of SHOWING OFF...You might slam into a building that way...* as i say again "Foolish Mortal"*

7. When the Rearview mirior of a car says "objects may seem closer than they appear"...Well...Let's just leave it at that...if you don't follow this rule..and instead of being smart you step on the gas because you think someone's trying to cut you off...well i don't want to be responsible to what happens afterwards

8. Y'know that big thing with wings? or that really bright light at the end of the tunnel? might not always be a bird or Heaven.

9. Smaller flying objects must always give way to larger ones by taking a lower course


10. Don't have a drink while driving you might hit a speed bump and spill your addition...don't substitute the drink for an alcoholic'll get in a car crash and injure or worse kill someone in that same car....

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