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Author Topic: Thank you, Man of Tomorrow  (Read 1107 times)
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Genis Vell
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« on: January 13, 2006, 02:10:11 PM »

A "love letter" from a fan... Me, of course.

I remember my first Superman comic. It contained the Italian edition of JIMMY OLSEN #63 and a story featuring Superboy's first experience with the Kryptonite.
I didn't like it. I was 9 (14 years ago!), and those stories seemed so old to me.
And when I started to read regularly superheroes in 1995, I began with Marvel (most popular than DC, here).
I didn't like DC heroes. Especially Superman: "He is boring, unpleasant, perfect, not human! And those long hair... Does he think to be a teen?".
Then, in 1998, I started to watch "Lois & Clark" on tv. "Good series! I'd like to see this Superman in comics!". Months later, in 1999, was released a tpb containing classic stories from the past decades. I bought it 'cause John Byrne was my favorite author, and I wanted to see MAN OF STEEL (issues #1 and 6 were reprinted there).
It changed completely my ideas about the character. There was SUPERMAN #1, with that great origin story. SUPERMAN #76, with an amazing Superman/Batman team up. SUPERMAN #129, with an interesting look at Clark's private life. SUPERMAN #247 and Superman judged by the Guardians. And those 2 issues of MAN OF STEEL.
I was really bored with dark heroes, grim stories, deaths, resurrections and good guys becomin' bad. The last page of MOS #1 was the triumph of the one true superhero: the good ol' good-hearted guy who love maknind and help us to be better.
That page hooked me and made me a Superman fan forever.

Years went by, I kept to read Marvel Comics. Then, Quesada ruined it all, and there were "realistic" and "mature" stories. I wanted a true hero! Where could I find him? Well, of course in the pages of Superman comics.
In 2002 I started to buy the Byrne run. Great. But it wasn't enough, so I continued the collection. It was like to discover a new world!
The Eradicator, the death of Superman, the wedding, Superman Red and Blue, the new Metropolis. And this is the post-Crisis. What about the previous era? I remember how those old '70s stories seemed new and exciting when I bought them: Superman marries Lois in Earth-2, the Master Jailer, the WGBS, the super cigars, Vartox, Lois' and Clark's first date, Steve Lombard's jokes... Shame on those guys who told me those were stupid stories for children!

Now I'm 23, and I have read thousands of stories. Marvel, DC, strips, Italian comics, a lot of stuff.
But now there is only a comic book character able to make me feel like
the 12 old kid who cared for Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four more than 10 years ago.
When I'm reading a Superman comic, I still feel the sense of wonder. The magic of a good comic book.
Sometimes, I'm afraid I'm not able to find fun in comics anymore. Then, I read the latest Superman comic book and I see a hero who fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way, a citizen of the world more human than ourselves even if he is from another planet, an example of how you can to be better... And I understand that yes, comics are still fun.

Thank you, Superman!

Captain Marvel - Italian Earth-Prime Superman'll be a job for Superman!
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