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Author Topic: Untiltled Fanfic Bloopersstuff that didn't make it storywise  (Read 1155 times)
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« on: February 05, 2006, 07:51:06 AM »

Untiltled Fanfic Bloopers

Sg is Supergirl for short here,,i didn't want to write the full name so i abbreviated it

Mxy's Entrance-The "Secret Weapon" Scene

(Mxy's trapped in a vortex)

Mxy: uggh...i don't think i should've ate that sandwich before i came here...

Sky-scraper battle scene

(Sg's holding a hand-held camcorder while pointing to Lex who is dangling on wires off a helicopter. a guy near the window has a RC controller and it controls his lights on the suit and the jet boots he's wearing)

SG: He has to fly artificially..while i ,on the other hand, can do this...

(She takes the camera and she flies past the helicopter into the clouds)

(Close-up of Lex)

Lex: Sometimes i just envy her for that

Acting scene w/ Brainy/Brainiac 13 ..the one that didn't make the cut

(Sg is massageing Brainy's back)

Brainy: Remember the first time you met me..

Sg: yeah

Brainy: i was so in love with you....(She massages him).ohh..that feels good...a little to the left...yeeahh..

(She stops for a second)

(He faints)

Sg: Brainy?...(pause) ..ohh... great...Is there a paramedic in the building?...

(She checks his vital signs)

(with the camera still rolling.. no one rushes to her side so she has to do CPR on him)

(Brainy wakes up as soon as she breathes into his lips..he drags her down..Sg looks surprised then embraces him...kissing him...He Punk'd her.*laughs*)

The "What do you mean he's Dying?!" scene

Lex: How high can you lift me?

Sg: You really want to know that?

Lex: Yeah

Sg: We'll do it outside after this.. ok?

Lex: Alright

Director/Me: Places Eveyone! Quiet on the Set!...Aaaand Action!

(Close-up of Sg)

Sg: What do you MEAN he's DYING?!

Lex: I'll tell you as soon as you put me down

(She drops him and he cracks up)

Sg:*Sigh* What now?

Lex: You're so funny when you're angry

(Sg just glares at him for a moment)

(Same day)

(outside in a street in afternoon)

(Sg just grabs Lex,lifts him over her head, and drops him)

Sg: There...Ya happy now?

Watchtower Scene

(Sg walks in with a robe on)

Sg: Has anyone seen my outfit?

(Everyone except Green Lantern ,who is drinking coffee, shakes their head(s) no)

(Green Latern does a spit-take)

GL: Now that's someting you don't see everyday

Martian Manhunter: Indeed

(Brainy enters with just a towel on..he's soaking)

Brainy: Has anyone seen my shorts?

(Awkward silence)

(Sg does a double take because everyone's staring at the both of them)

Sg: it's not what you think....i mean..we didn't do anything in the shower together

(More Awkard silence)

Comet/Andy: Hey, Brainy! i think i found your shorts..but you'll have to get them from me first

Brainy: Oh ...great..

(He walks out)

(Sg finds her outfit..somewhere)

(Brainy comes back with Comet)

Comet: We had a great time out last night

(Silence from everyone except, Sg who's looking at Brainy with a raised eyebrow)

Sg: Ohh... Really?

(The Flash comes in)

Flash: Time to PAR TAY! Bring in the breakdanceing Krumpettes!

(Montage of remote putting a CD in and turning up the music)

(Everyone's danceing to the tune of "Pump it" by the Black Eyed Peas)

(Sg just stands there embarrased saying "Oh, Jeez" with her hands over her face...Brainy grabs her and they dance)

Recharge Room scene

(Supergirl is trying to get Superman into the ship as gently as possible..Superman bumps his head)

Superman: [insert heavy metal "bang'' sound] OWW!

Supergirl (smirks) [she turns towards the camera] : That's gonna leave a mark in the morning


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