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Author Topic: Busiek, Johns, and Morrison  (Read 6486 times)
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Kurt Busiek
Last Son of Krypton
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« Reply #8 on: April 03, 2006, 05:09:30 PM »

Quote from: "CRISISHATER"
Kurt, please tellme that "Super boy" quote in the first issue origin of this arc isn't just a throwaway and that they'll be a Kal-el Superboy. I would hope DC would want this due to the new Legion cartoon starring him....Please I BEG OF YOU Tongue

Now would we just tell you?

Council of Wisdom
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« Reply #9 on: April 03, 2006, 08:05:20 PM »

Quote from: "Nightwing"
I'm well into "Showcase Presents: Superman Family" now and I have to say that to a lesser extent, vintage Jimmy Olsen has kind of the same appeal; he's a gutsy, resourceful mortal whose adventures are relatable and who's braver and smarter than I remembered. (We're still a ways off from "Turtle Boy" and...ick...Lucy Lane).

I'm going to have to get that thing. I loved Jimmy when he was young and plucky and resourceful and had a disguise kit and a thousand talents. While I can appreciate and enjoy the acid-trip weirdness of Jimmy Olsen turning into an alien, he was better off as "Mr. Action."

In many ways, it seems Clark Kent has become "Jimmy Olsen, Mr. Action" in the Busiek/Johns run. He's got the signal watch, after all. And he's a plucky, gutsy reporter that despite having no powers hangs out with superheroes. And getting that power ring at the end of ACTION, that's something that would happen to Jimmy. I can picture the cover now: "A COMPLETE THREE-PART NOVEL: "JIMMY OLSEN, GREEN LANTERN!", with Jimmy saying something like "Don't worry Superman, my power ring will save you from that Kryptonite monster!" And Superman thinking, "Great Ganymede! Jimmy Olsen has become a...GREEN LANTERN!"

And I do like the fact that when Lex Luthor punched Clark Kent, Kent didn't punch back, writing truth-telling articles in the press instead.  

Referencing the STAR TREK discussion in the other forum...this is exactly why, despite the many unloveable episodes of the series that there are, my least favorite STAR TREK episode was "The Man Trap." Thank God I wasn't around in 1966 to watch that first episode, because if I was, I would have written TREK off entirely. There, we had an OUTER LIMITS type creature sucking people for their salt and then we had Shatner and his lackeys whipping out their death rays and blasting it to Kingdom Come.  Compare this with the more satisfying "Devil in the Dark." It takes brains to communicate, and none at all to get into a bareknuckle fistfight. And characters that use their heads are more enjoyable to watch.  

In many ways, I have to share your assessment of Lucy Lane. Just like the coming of Mr. Tawny, the Talking Tiger was when the Marvel Family books "jumped the shark," Lucy Lane, and the goofy romance plots Jimmy got into, that Lucy Lane's presence was typical of, was where JIMMY OLSEN lost it.

LAW OF IMAGINARY STORIES #257B: If an imaginary story shows two characters to be married, they should have a relationship in real life. Supergirl and Jimmy were married in one imaginary story. But when we had Lucy come in and cockblock Kara, suddenly Supergirl had to be bounced boyfriend to boyfriend Lucy Campden style. Thus, I blame Lucy Lane for Kara's eventual death in CRISIS. Just like in slasher movies, they're less likely to kill off characters with steady girlfriends/boyfriends.

Quote from: "Nightwing"
Come to think of it, one of my favorite characters ever was that Korean War vet who tagged along with Thor for a few issues during Walt Simonson's run. There's just something about real, vulnerable flesh and blood heroes trying to keep up in a world of superheroes that's really appealing to me. "New Frontier," with its focus on the Challengers, the Losers and a (for much of it) pre-GL Hal Jordan won me over for similar reasons.

Strange as it sounds, MIGHTY THOR was always better off with a few mortals on the side to comment on how weird everything was (with the exception of Jane Foster, who was quite possibly the single most boring girlfriend in comics history).  This includes that one journalist back in Stan Lee's run who got Thor to take him to Asgard. This category also includes the Rigellian Recorder from the Ego the Living Planet story arc, a loveable robot character, down to earth only in comparison to a Thunder God, that really came into their own come the incredible Bob Layton HERCULES: PRINCE OF POWER miniseries.

"Wait, a startling new development, Black Goliath has ripped Stilt-Man's leg off, and appears to be beating him with it!"
       - Reporter, Champions #15 (1978)
Council of Wisdom
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Silver Age Surfer

« Reply #10 on: April 03, 2006, 08:37:57 PM »

I don't know, "Man Trap" can be looked at as a goofy half thought out story from the 60s that comics could also be guilty of...but at least Superman didn't kill...

That said, the salt beast was just poorly thought out, here it had the ability and intelligence to assume other human's forms, speak thoughts that fooled real crew members, establish a symbiotic relationship with Professor Crater, and STILL, rather than assume a human form and ask for salt, it stalked and killed people using deception...I suppose it was as dangerous and even more deceptive as the Talosians in one compact did show some characters in common with the cloud creature that drained human hemoglobin that Kirk obsessed about but thought he had to kill...

Actually, I enjoyed the plot holes in Trek and the comics in the 60s, it gave me something to think about... Cool
Superman Fan
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« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2006, 09:13:41 PM »

I know Kurt, just a shout out that I saw  Cheesy , since I mentioned that hope in the past. Thanks for a Superman I enjoy reading again. I mean that in a way that a US Army soldier from New Orleans, deployed away from what's left of home and family needs the escape of a character that shows all the good things in this country that I joined to serve.

Crisis and man of steel ruined the Superman mythos

Please Assist New Orleans if you can. Give food, water. Be careful where you send your money.
Great Rao
Council of Wisdom
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« Reply #12 on: April 03, 2006, 09:39:02 PM »

Quote from: "JulianPerez"
In many ways, it seems Clark Kent has become "Jimmy Olsen, Mr. Action" in the Busiek/Johns run. He's got the signal watch, after all. And he's a plucky, gutsy reporter that despite having no powers hangs out with superheroes. And getting that power ring at the end of ACTION, that's something that would happen to Jimmy.

I also noticed the similarities in personality, although with Clark having a Signal Watch, it'd be difficult not to.  This might explain just what it is about Jimmy that makes Clark like him:  Jimmy is the kind of kid that Clark would have been if he hadn't had super-powers.

Although Clark seems just a tad bit more competent...

Quote from: "CRISISHATER"
Thanks for a Superman I enjoy reading again.

Agreed.  Thanks, Kurt.


"The bottom line involves choices.  Neither gods nor humans have ever stood calmly in a minefield forever.  Good or evil, they are bound to choose.  And when they do, you will see the truth of all that motivates us.  As a thinking being, you have the obligation to choose.  If the fate of all mankind were in your hands, what would your decision be?  As a writer and an artist, I've drawn my answer."   - Jack Kirby
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