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Author Topic: Superman related March 2007 DC Solictations HUGE NEWS!!!  (Read 3490 times)
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Super Monkey
League of Supermen
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« on: December 12, 2006, 11:48:34 PM »

Written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner
Art and cover by Adam Kubert
Part 4 of the landmark “Last Son” story, by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and Adam Kubert! Superman travels to a place so alien and strange, it could only be presented in a special 3-D section, featuring 3-D effects by Ray Zone! That’s right, the action in ACTION takes on a whole new meaning as this benchmark story takes a sharp turn into the third dimension! Plus, meet the all-new Superman Revenge Squad!
Retailers: This issue will be available in 2 versions that may be ordered separately. The 3-D Edition is priced at $3.99 and the Standard (non-3-D) Edition is priced at $2.99. They will feature the same cover image. The 3-D Edition will feature portions of the content and the cover in 3-D; 3-D glasses will be included. Please see the Previews Order Form for further details.
On sale March 28 • 3D Edition: 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US; Standard Edition: 32 pg, FC, $2.99

Written by Kurt Busiek
Art and cover by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino
The Young Gods of New Genesis pay a visit to Metropolis! Can Superman handle super-powered teenagers with the Prankster on the loose and the threat of Arion looming above all?
On sale March 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by David Kaler, Roger Stern, Michael Uslan and various
Art by Steve Ditko, Alex Toth and various
Cover by Ditko
Collecting classic stories by master artist Steve Ditko from the pages of CAPTAIN ATOM #83-89, BLUE BEETLE #1-5, MYSTERIOUS SUSPENSE #1 and CHARLTON BULLSEYE #1, 2 and 5, plus the title story intended for BLUE BEETLE #6 (published in CHARLTON PORTFOLIO #9-10) as well as an 8-page Question story by Alex Toth and a foreword by Charlton's then-editor Dick Giordano.
Advance-solicited; on sale May 23 • 384 pg, FC, $75.00 US

Written by Jack Kirby
Art and cover by Kirby & Vince Colletta
After co-creating a number of legendary comic book heroes — including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk — legendary writer/artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to create his magnum opus: four interlocked adventure series that were known collectively as “The Fourth World.”
Now, for the first time, DC collects Kirby’s four series — THE NEW GODS, THE FOREVER PEOPLE, MISTER MIRACLE and SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN — in chronological order as they originally appeared. These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggled for supremacy.
THE FOURTH WORLD VOL. 1 features the debuts of Orion of the New Gods, the evil Darkseid, super-escape artist Mister Miracle and many others, and features numerous appearances by Superman, from the pages of SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133-139, FOREVER PEOPLE #1-3, NEW GODS #1-3 and MISTER MIRACLE #1-3!
Advance-solicited; on sale May 30 • 396 pg, FC, $49.99 US

Written by Jeff Smith
Art and cover by Smith
Part 2 of the 4-part miniseries written and illustrated by the award-winning Jeff Smith (Bone)! Not only does Billy Batson have a sister…but when he finds her he shares his newfound magical powers with her! And just in time, as Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind and the Monster Society make their moves on Captain Marvel and the civilized world!
On sale March 7 • Prestige Format • 2 of 4 • 48 pg, FC, $5.99 US

Written by Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Edmond Hamilton and various
Art by Curt Swan, George Papp, John Forte and various
Cover by Swan & Stan Kaye
A massive black-and-white volume collecting classic tales of the Legionnaires, from ADVENTURE COMICS #247, 267, 282, 290, 293, and 300-328, ACTION COMICS #267, 276, 287 and 289, SUPERBOY #86, 89, 98 and 117, SUPERMAN 147, SUPERMAN ANNUAL #4, and SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN#72 and 76!
Advance-solicited; on sale April 4 • 552 pg, B&W, $16.99 US

Written by Jerry Siegel and others
Art by Curt Swan and others
Cover by Swan
The third volume collecting early Superman adventures in black-and-white at a value price! This amazing collection includes appearances by Supergirl and Krypto and a retelling of Superman’s origin, plus threats from Lex Luthor, Brainiac, the Legion of Super-Villains and the Fifth Dimensional imp known as Mr. Mxyzptlk!
Advance-solicited; on sale April 18 • 560 pg, B&W, $16.99 US

more here:

"I loved Super-Monkey; always wanted to do something with him but it never happened."
- Elliot S! Maggin
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Silver Age Surfer

« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2006, 12:45:46 AM »

The Kirby New Gods volume looks cool, I might actually check that out of a library (not bad for someone who hasn't bought a comic since 1972)...besides, the 70s Jimmy Olsen and this arc needs better coverage in Supermanica.
Superman Squad
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« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2006, 01:42:11 AM »


I might actually check that out of a library (not bad for someone who hasn't bought a comic since 1972)...

I don't make a habit of checking things out of libraries, because if I really like it I have to have it, so I would end up buying it anyway!

I really like those early appearances of Mister Miracle. The "Forever People" is good too. However, I would hate to think what that book would cost Downunder. Also, not very long ago I bought Vol. 1 of what I think was a two-volume set (trade paperback) of Kirby's Jimmy Olsen comics, so I find really big collections that cover diverse material a bit of a nuisance, because much of the stuff I already have, if that makes sense.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN VOL. 3 TP -- this I will buy of course.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES VOL. 1 TP -- this I will have to get too. Look at the writers... Look at the artists... That really old Legion stuff is great.
Great Rao
Council of Wisdom
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« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2006, 07:59:36 AM »

I was extremely disapointed when Jack Kirby's Fourth World titles were reprinted as Black and White paperbacks.  Kirby in B&W?  I tried to read one of them, but I just couldn't do it.  So I didn't buy any of them.

I've been waiting for a color collection for years - nay, decades - and combining all four titles into a chronological presentation is a brilliant idea.  It makes the whole thing into one, huge cosmic epic!  Big kudos to DC - this is one book I will certainly not miss.  I'm curious whether or not they'll be including Kirby's 1984 final issue, or his 1985 graphic novel epilogue, "The Hunger Dogs," but whether or not they do, this omnibus collection looks to me to be a sure-fire winner.


"The bottom line involves choices.  Neither gods nor humans have ever stood calmly in a minefield forever.  Good or evil, they are bound to choose.  And when they do, you will see the truth of all that motivates us.  As a thinking being, you have the obligation to choose.  If the fate of all mankind were in your hands, what would your decision be?  As a writer and an artist, I've drawn my answer."   - Jack Kirby
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