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Author Topic: The new guy saying hi and his "If the Crisis happened" Superman fanfic  (Read 2230 times)
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Mr Anonymous
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« on: August 21, 2011, 10:56:35 PM »

Hi guys! I'd like to introduce myself as Mr. Anonymous also known as JonnyDC. Though I've joined before and posted a few times I mostly abandoned my old account. Recently, I've decided to come back due to a fanfiction I'm writing over at (I put this here, not knowing where else to put it. Is this ok?)

My story is called "If the Crisis on Infinite Earths never happened..." and is meant in large part to serve as a metafictional commentary on post-Crisis DC Comics and how pre-Crisis DC Comics and pre-Crisis continuity were not the problem. Rather, too many complications were the problem. It does so by imagining a 1986 board meeting between Julius Schwartz and the writers and artists of DC Comics. They have a conference on how to reboot their superheroes but rebooting them in continuity. Superman of course takes center stage because he is DC's flagship character, he was the most drastically retconned of all DC heroes, and because I remember that Elliot S. Maggin and Cary Bates had their plans. Yes they had their plans...

In the context of the story, Jenette Kahn and Julius Schwartz make Elliot S. Maggin the new Superman editor and Bates the chief writer. They are given the chance to reboot, to retool the Superman mythos and they do so but they do so by building on what has gone on before. Instead of retconning everything, they keep the best of the old and merge it with new ideas.... Or as Mark Waid said when asked in Krypton Companion if the Bryne reboot was necessary, “there was no need for a reboot, all you need is a good writer to give things a tune up.”

For example, Pa Kent still dies and there is still preserved the death bed scene of him making Clark swear to use his powers only for good. However, Ma Kent lives and bids her son goodbye when he leaves Smallville. Years later, Superman hears a Kryptonian distress call and he goes to investigate and sees the city of Argo floating in space. (When general Zod tried to take over Krypton Zor-El raised a force-field over the city to t protect it; it was still up when Krypton exploded.) He goes in and learns that most everyone is dead from kryptonite radiation poisoning. The last survivors are his aunt Alura and his uncle Zor-El and their daughter—our hero’s cousin—Kara. Not unlike how he made a promise to his dying father, he promises to Zor-El and Alura take care of their daughter. Now both orphans, the two cousins go to Earth. Superman leaves his cousin with his mother Ma Kent who adopts her as a daughter and trains her in the use of her strength as she trained her son. Yes, although Kara, aka Linda Lee Kent, promised her cousin to stay a secret and serve as his secret weapon, Smallville now has a guardian angel looking out for folks. It’s like Superboy’s back!

I’m telling you all this because my love for classic Superman exists in large part to Superman Through the Ages, and I make a point of saying so in my story’s introduction. It was this website where I found the Superman I was looking for and wasn’t finding in the DC Comics of the time (late 1990s, early 2000s), a true hero who has sworn never to lie and never to kill, a hero who uses his powers to help others for no other reason than that it is right. Here I saw the Superman that Superman: The Movie introduced me to, a Superman whose father died and for whom he said “All my power and I couldn’t save him,” a Superman who had a cousin called Supergirl, a Superman who actually did disguise himself as a mild mannered reporter, a Superman who never whined or complained or doubted himself for a minute.

I can be a quiet sort of fellow so I don’t plan on saying much but I do plan on thanking Superman Through the Ages for all its done for me and for so many others. This website inspired me to write my story and yes, it made me believe a man can fly.

Now, as I said before the story won’t be only about Superman. We’ll see Denny O’Niel talking about Batman and George Perez working from pre-Crisis Wonder Woman continuity. Nevertheless, Superman will have the lion’s share, a whole three chapters whilst other characters are lucky to get one. And indeed, the entire story owes a debt of gratitude to Superman Through the Ages.
I would be honored if you would read my story. If you wish to do so please follow this link to Thank you. Smiley
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