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Author Topic: Background Info on Cir-El  (Read 4312 times)
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« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2005, 10:58:00 AM »

Quote from: "Psi"
I don't think I'd pass judgement on PAD until you've read every Supergirl story that appeared in one of Karas books.

Look, I'll take it back!  That sounds a little cruel and unusual to me!  I think the Abu Grabh prisoners were forced to do the same thing. Cheesy

I was tempted to pick up the first PAD issue because of the cover, but never got past flipping through it on the rack.  Now it seems they have junked most of the continuity from those 80 issues, superior writing or not.
Regardless, and all nit-picking aside, it kept a semi-authentic version of Supergirl alive for the best part of a decade.

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« Reply #9 on: January 21, 2005, 07:59:12 AM »

Actually, Psi, I'd agree with you about the bulk of Supergirl tales, but not about two distinct runs:  the ADVENTURE COMICS ones by Mike Sekowsky, and the ADVENTURE stories just following his, edited by Joe Orlando.  These two were really decent, fresh interps of Kara (especially the Sekowsky one), and the former turned me into a Supergirl fan.  Significantly, they were NOT edited by either Weisinger or Schwartz, who, as they saying goes, could ruin Alpo in terms of characterization.  In this run, Kara was written by the likes of Sekowsky, Albano, Wein, and Skeates.  Unfortunately, as soon as she got her own comic, she was given into the hands of hacks and never escaped them.  Thus, we were left with the knowledge of what she COULD have been, and SHOULD have been, had DC editorial policy been less bozoish.  But that's the way it was.

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« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2005, 07:01:12 PM »

Oh, I'll more than agree.  Kara could have been very strong character.  And I think they'll go out of thier way to do that this time around.  I'm definitely be picking up the book.
   I guess I"m just a huge Linda Danvers fan.  And I'm a little bitter over how they've mistreated a character that was shown having to fight with every issue to prove she was the one true Supergirl.  I guess we can say the same thing for poor Kara (Powergirl). I mean lets not even get into the continuity stuff over two Cs named Kara that are blond, blue eyed and have alot of the same powers.
   I just think they really need to go over and nail down some things before they start this new series, make sure they don't send anyone into limbo because they keep "fixing" things.  Which only helps their main character and screws up a host of other characters. Nevermind it took them 20 years to fix Donna Troy...only to kill her (yeah, I know shes returning...but still)

Anyway, I'm a huge Supergirl fan, just throwing some things out there to think about.
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